9/10 Steam co-op survival game gets big free update, and it’s on sale

Don’t Starve, one of the best co-op games on Steam, releases free update Host of Horrors, adding new mutations, craftables, and more alongside a big discount.

Don't Starve Together Host of Horrors - Wendy, a blonde girl witha red bow in her hair, looks on in wide-eyed distress.

Whether you’ve played Don’t Starve or not, now is a great time to jump into one of Steam’s highest rated co-op survival games. A spooky Don’t Starve Together update, Host of Horrors, has arrived with new mutations to fight, items to craft, and even more secrets. A Steam sale also means that if you’re a fan of Valheim, Terraria, Rust, Sons of the Forest, Astroneer, No Man’s Sky, or even Minecraft, you owe it to yourself to discover why Don’t Starve is so beloved.

First launched in April 2013, the already excellent Don’t Starve really came into its own with the launch of the standalone multiplayer version, named Don’t Starve Together, in June 2015. This latter version has now racked up a 95% ‘overwhelmingly positive’ Steam rating across more than 284,000 reviews, confirming its impact as one of the best survival games ever, and one that helped set the mold for many that followed.

Now, developer Klei Entertainment reveals its next big update as part of the 2023 Don’t Starve ‘From Beyond’ series. Dubbed Host of Horrors, this ramps up the spookiness even further than Don’t Starve’s already unsettling designs, with two new giant Lunar mutations and a hunt mutation to encounter. It is the month for it, after all.

Defeat these monsters, created by the lunar rifts opened in April’s Taking Root update, and gain access to new craftable items at the Brightsmithy. There’s also a new weather phenomenon to discover, more scrapbook categories, a working Gramophone, an armor set put together by inventor Wagstaff, and a Saw Horse crafting station offering tables, chairs, and “a few other new, fun items.”

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The Host of Horrors update is out now. Don’t Starve Together is 66% off on Steam until Thursday November 2, meaning you’ll pay just $5.09 / £3.73, down from $14.99 / £10.99. Even better, you’ll actually get two copies of the game for your money, and can send the extra one to a friend to join you.

Alongside this update, new Don’t Starve Twitch Drops are up for grabs, and three skin bundles have been added to the shop if you’re looking to spice things up and support the game with additional purchases.

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