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Doom Eternal release date - all the latest details about the demonic shooter

doom eternal

Doom Eternal was revealed at E3 this year, and it’s the ultimate compliment to the 2016 reboot - a proper sequel. It features more beefy demons in the style of the first game, and from the sounds of it, another exquisite industrial metal soundtrack courtesy of id Software’s resident composer Mick Gordon.

Doom 2016’s creative director Marty Stratton has handed over the reins to the studio’s art director, Hugo Martin - so expect the most beautiful gore you’ve ever seen in your history of PC gaming. This time we’re going to Earth, but not as we know it. Id has twisted the planet into a delightful hellscape, which makes clear the demons have escaped Mars and found a new home with us.

The last Doom is aleady on our list of best FPS games on PC, will Eternal make the cut?

While id Software unveiled Doom Eternal’s first trailer at E3, it failed to mention much else about it - other than the fact there will be plenty of new features. That won’t be down to a missing paragraph on the autocue. id Software is planning to debut the game properly on its home turf, at QuakeCon in Dallas this August.

Until then, there’s still plenty to chew on. Join us for a speculative dive into the nightmarish world of Doom Eternal.

Doom Eternal release date

No release date was mentioned for Doom Eternal during Bethesda’s E3 showcase. If we’re going to find out this summer when Eternal’s coming out, we’ll find out at QuakeCon.

It’s worth pointing out that it’s been two years since the Doom reboot launched. Given that id Tech 6 was created specifically for that project, it’s likely that the studio has built Eternal atop of the same foundations and could be well along the way to finishing their sequel at this point.

Doom Eternal trailer 

Doom Eternal got its first showing at E3 2018, where id and Bethesda gave us a horrifying view of Earth after the demons have had their way with it.

Doom Eternal story

The teaser makes it clear that we’re leaving the UAC facility on Mars behind for Doom’s sequel, instead showing up on Earth just in time to watch home burn. Spoilers: Doom ended on a note that suggested your efforts to shut off UAC’s dangerous experiments in harnessing demonic energy had been in vain.

Facility director Samuel Hayden takes the magical sword you’ve recovered from Hell, and make it clear that Earth is still desperate for renewable energy, no matter how dodgy its source. Given the state we find Earth in during the sequel, it’s fair to assume humanity didn’t stop dabbling with demons in its quest to keep the lights on.

Hayden also promised that we’d meet again, so if we’re still playing the Doom Slayer, there’s a good chance we’ll see the well-spoken malevolent android in Eternal.

Doom enemies

“You want even more badass demons?,” Doom Eternal creative director Hugo Martin asked at E3, “Well, there are twice as many in this game.”

We count just over 20 different enemy types in Doom 2016, which would - quick maths - put Eternal’s total at over 40. And look, there’s a couple of them visible in the trailer. See the sleek, black worm-like creatures with terrible prongs on their heads? Then there’s the Baron of Hell, wielding two flaming arm-blades.

We’re likely to get a closer look at those and many more at QuakeCon - as well as a front row seat to the Doom Slayer ripping out their internal organs and disposing of them in a variety of creatively disgusting ways. Roll on August.

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TsunamiWombat avatar
TsunamiWombat Avatar
4 Days ago

What they NEED to do is double the enemy cap. The hard cap on the number of enemies that could be spawned at once is what seriously hampered the last game.