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Doom 64 may get released on PC after 22 years

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The 24th annual QuakeCon event took place this weekend, including a version of the show in Europe for the first time, and it brought with it a lot of news about id Software’s upcoming Doom Eternal – including the introduction to a new demon called the Doom Hunter, and a lot of details about the game’s multiplayer component Battle Mode.

As such there’s a lot of Doom-related excitement at the moment, so PC-owning fans of the series may want to go back and replay the previous Doom games – but there’s one Doom that’s never been made legally available on PC, and that’s Doom 64. However, it’s looking possible that Doom 64 may at last appear on PC, only 22 years late.

According to a review by PEGI – the European age ratings board – Doom 64 is on its way to PC and PS4, and if it happens it will probably come out on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch too. While the rating has since been deleted, it was spotted and tweeted by Gematsu.

It’s currently marked with a release date of July 26, which is presumably temporary. Doom 1, 2, and 3 were released on current-gen consoles on July 26 instead, so there is the possibility this is a mistake. However, the description given for the game is correct for Doom 64’s story. Furthermore, it does not match the game’s previous box art or advertising – but it does match a line from the game’s manual, which is an obscure thing to dig up if this rating is a mistake.

While Doom 64 released on Nintendo 64 in 1997, and has never been re-released anywhere else since. This is probably down to licensing issues, as the game wasn’t developed by id Software – it was made and published by Midway. It’s actually a completely original game with its own reimagined look, rather than just a port, and even features new demons.

While the Doom timeline doesn’t matter too much to the games, Doom 2016 seems to be set following the events of Doom 64 – so it’s always been unusual that Doom 64 has been completely unavailable to buy since the N64 era. PC players have ways of getting around that problem, but a proper official re-release of Doom 64 in advance of Doom Eternal would be most welcome.

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