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Doom mod lets you play Doom Eternal via id Software’s original 90s FPS

A new Doom mod adds guns, models, and mechanics from the Bethesda-published Doom Eternal into the original version of id Software’s classic FPS game

Doom mod lets you play Doom Eternal via id Software’s original 90s FPS: Doomslayer as he appears in Bethesda and id Software FPS Doom Eternal

A new Doom mod overhauls the classic, id Software FPS game by adding the guns, mechanics, and models from the Bethesda-published Doom Eternal, showing how even games from almost 30 years ago can still feel fresh – especially if they’re Doom.

Though it’s still in the early access phase, Dead Ascension, created by modder Krakosaber, takes all the weapons from Doom Eternal and imports them into classic Doom using handcrafted 3D models. The same goes for enemies – the OG imps are replaced with the quicker, more spindly versions from Eternal, and there’s even an overhauled HUD. All the 2019 game’s chunky sound effects are added as well and the health and armour system is reworked, so you can even upgrade the Praetor suit. The mighty super shotgun and Doomslayer’s Crucible sword also make an appearance.

As you might expect, Dead Ascension requires the GZDoom client – which allows you to look up and down, not just side to side in the 1993 classic – in order to run. You’ll also need a legitimate copy of Doom or Doom 2, which you can pick up nowadays from either Steam or GOG. You can download it now, for free, from Mod DB. It comes as Doom merges with one of the other greatest 90s shooters, Half-Life, to create a brand-new Half-Life sequel.

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