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Incredible 36-map Doom megawad celebrates FPS game’s 30th birthday

Doom megawad Eviternity 2 has released for the FPS game's 30th birthday, with over 30 levels from a number of modders available right now.

Doom Eviternity 2: Doomguy stood in front of a Cacodemon

Doom is 30 today, and while original designer John Romero is out here releasing some incredibly punishing and brilliant levels of his own creation, a Doom megawad is also here with 36 maps to mark the birthday of what many would say is the most important, influential, and irreplaceable shooter of all time.

Eviternity 2 is a sequel to an incredible Doom megawad – the name of a Doom pack containing 15 or more new levels – that also pairs incredibly nicely with Romero’s own Sigil 2, which was released to celebrate the original game’s 30th birthday as well. It’s a great time to revisit the iconic FPS game, that’s for sure.

A 36-map collaboration and sequel to the first Eviternity, this follow-up has six separate five-map chapters (each with a secret level). It’s meant to be harder than the first megawad, but the team does note that the “difficulty settings have been fully implemented to allow for players of all skill levels to enjoy.”

Doom Eviternity 2

Over ten different modders helped make the maps for Eviternity 2 as well, and from all the pictures each looks more gorgeous than the last. Doom’s graphics might show their age a bit, but this hasn’t stopped people from using artistic skill to breathe new life into them.

You can learn more about Eviternity 2 and download it for free – you’ll need Doom 2 and the GZDoom installation to play – by checking out the website here. Do note that other mods will likely not be compatible with Eviternity 2, and your port of choice will need to be up to date as well.

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