Doom creator John Romero launches sequel campaign Sigil 2 for free

As the Doom 30th anniversary arrives, co-creator and programmer John Romero launches Sigil 2, a free expansion to the legendary FPS game.

Sigil 2 - A statue of a horned, skeletal demon holds out two skulls, each pouring lava from their mouths.

Happy 30th birthday, Doom. Undoubtedly one of the most immediately recognizable, important and best FPS games of all time, I probably don’t need to tell you why you should play it. To celebrate 30 years since the first game launched on December 10, 1993, the game’s co-creator John Romero releases Sigil 2, his second such expansion for the iconic game.

Sigil 2 follows on from Romero’s previous Sigil, released in 2019 as a spiritual successor to the fourth episode of The Ultimate Doom. The new Megawad (the traditional name for a pack including a total of 15 or more levels) is described as an “unofficial sixth episode” and is now available as a free add-on for the iconic FPS game.

Romero himself sends out a message to the Doom community on social media platform X/Twitter. “Happy 30th birthday, Doom. I’m grateful to have been a part of this incredible team. Thank you for playing our games, and thank you for keeping Doom alive, all these many years.

“Doom is still remembered because of the community that plays and mods it 30 years on,” he continues. “I’m grateful to be a part of that community and fortunate to have been there at its beginning.” While there’s certainly no shortage of incredible creators making Doom mods and offshoots that are well worth your time, there’s undoubtedly something extra special about getting new levels from one of the main minds behind the original games.

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Sigil 2 is out now. If you want to play it, you can get it now as a free download via John Romero’s website. You’ll need to own a copy of the original Doom, and Romero himself recommends GZDoom as the ideal way to play it. You can also head to his site to buy Sigil 2 with an accompanying soundtrack from Thorr made for the game or get a full boxed edition of the new campaign with some spectacular artwork and additional goodies.

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