Doom just got a huge expansion pack, approved by Bethesda

Doom and Doom 2 get new expansions adding 27 classic, community-created maps to the iconic FPS games, all of which have been curated and approved by Bethesda.

Doom just got a huge expansion pack, approved by Bethesda: A Marine with a shotgun shoots zombie enemies in FPS game Doom

Oh, Doom. Wonderful Doom. Beautiful Doom. Majestic Doom. When I think of expansions and add-ons for id Software’s iconic FPS games, I think of The Plutonia Experiment and TNT Evilution, the gigantic, custom-built WADs for both the original game and Doom 2. The idea of fan-made map packs being officially added to Doom’s commercial releases still fills me with nostalgia, like I’m back in the heady days of ‘90s community content. And now, the most-recent ports of Doom and Doom 2 have a new, 27-map strong expansion pack, officially curated, sanctioned, and released by Bethesda.

‘Base Ganymede,’ named for the eponymous moon of Jupiter, is a megawad created by Adam Woodmansey, also known by their Doom community name, ‘Khorus.’ Originally launched all the way back in 2009, Ganymede takes place across three episodes – just like the initial release of Doom in 1993 – and 27 purpose-built maps.

When the final version of Ganymede released in 2012, it was honored by the Doom community at the annual ‘Cacoawards,’ which recognise the best in fan-made material. Now, Base Ganymede has been officially picked up, curated, and re-released by Bethesda. Compatible with either the Bethesda re-releases of Doom and Doom 2, you can now play Base Ganymede, for free, via the official add-ons menu.

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Having played Ganymede back in the day, it’s definitely one of the best fan-made WADs, combining a consistent visual design, a combination of corridor and arena shooting, and a final episode that ups the gore and Hell imagery beyond even the original Inferno.

Compared to the levels of John Romero, which are kind of abstract and elaborate from the start, Woodmansey creates a striking mix, easing you in with coherent, ‘sensible’ base design, before totally letting loose in episode three. Fire up Doom and get Base Ganymede today.

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