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Doom has been flawlessly integrated into this JRPG, and it rocks

In another example of the triumph of the human spirit, even JRPG Persona 5 Royal can now run the classic FPS Doom, if you want it to.

Doom Persona 5 Royal mod: Doomguy in an anime cafe

Doom can run on anything. From pregnancy tests to lawnmowers, a Macbook touch bar to printers, and microwaves to Minecraft, if it exists then humans will see if it can run the epochal shooter. A technological yardstick as much as a meme, I’ll never get tired of seeing Doom being played in the weirdest of places. To that end, Persona 5 Royal is the latest to get the FPS running, and it’s even built into the game in a lore-friendly way.

‘It Runs Doom’ always came to mean something other than a videogame device. With how fast tech moves, it’s no surprise that the FPS game can easily get running on almost anything, and other videogames are no exception. Persona 5 Royal now joins that ever-expanding list, as you can boot up the first two Doom games in the JRPG with relative ease.

You need to own both Doom and Persona 5 Royal for the mod to work, but the shooter is integrated into the RPG in such a genius way once you get it all working. P5R has button-input minigames that you can play on a retro console to help boost your stats, one of the many activities outside the turn-based combat. Doom is easily placed into this retro system, with you able to play through the shooter while talking cat Morgana chides your attempts, no less.

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What I love most about this project isn’t just how it shows how different Persona 5 Royal and Doom are as games, but it gives us a lightning-fast history lesson. Like the old Sega arcade games you can find in the Like A Dragon series, this has us play a bitesize part of gaming history, even if the styles of the two games are jarring.

I’ll never get over the image of a cartoon cat watching an anime boy play Doom. If Morgana tells me to sleep one more time instead of letting me play as much as I want, though, we’re going to have words.

Instructions for getting Doom running in Persona 5 Royal can be found here; just remember that you’ll need to legally own the WAD for Doom or its sequel to get the mod working. Persona 5 Royal is even on sale right now, so you can grab it cheap to try it for yourself.

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