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Doom mod adds fully 3D monsters and guns to id Software’s FPS classic

A new Doom mod revamps the classic FPS from id Software with fully 3D monsters and guns, bringing it closer to Quake, Half-Life and Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Doom mod adds fully 3D monsters and guns to id Software’s FPS classic. A demon gets hit in the face with a shotgun blast in the 1993 FPS Doom.

A new Doom mod updates the classic, 1993 FPS from id Software by replacing all the 2D monster and weapon pick-up assets with fully 3D models, making the defining shooter look more like later 90s hits such as Quake, Half-Life, and Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Voxel Doom, developed by modder Daniel Peterson, also known as Chello, takes each of Doom’s enemies, weapon pick-ups, and also items like armour, and background assets like the iconic heads on a stick, and reworks them into full 3D. You may recall that Doom characters, including the eponymous Doomguy, are comprised of six 2D images – one for the front, one for the back, two for each side, and then two more if the character is moving diagonally. It’s particularly noticeable in the modded GZDoom, which adds a Y-axis and mouselook, meaning you can look down on your opponents but only see them as a flat, thin line.

Voxel Doom changes all of that. Available for free, it renders the entirety of Doom’s major assets in glorious, chunky 3D, significantly enhancing the more-modern GZDoom experience.

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There are also plans to develop the mod further, with Peterson’s collaborator, and fellow Doom and Quake modder, Nash Muhandes, revealing that Voxel Doom will eventually be ported to Doom 2, and that voxel textures will be created for floors and ceilings, as well as improved models for when enemies move diagonally.

You can download Voxel Doom from Mod DB, as well as another recent Doom mod which adds more sophisticated enemy skeletons and hit responses. You might also want to check out some of the other best FPS games on PC, as well as PC classics that are still worth playing. In other 90s shooter news, Quake has been transformed into an Elden Ring-style melee combat game, while modders have discovered that Duke Nukem Forever actually looked quite good, but got nerfed before launch.