Doom is finally getting skeletal models and ragdolls

Thanks to Doom mods and creators in the GZDoom community, the iconic FPS game will finally have proper skeletal model animation and possibly even ragdolls

A Lost Soul would be perfect for Doom ragdolls and skeletal models

The Doom mods community continues to create some truly impressive add-ons for id Software’s iconic FPS game, from ray tracing to proper vampire support. Now, it seems the GZDoom world is working on proper skeletal model animation – which even Quake doesn’t have, and could lead to proper head tracking and even ragdoll death animations. Yes, all in 1993’s Doom.

Doom has very basic animations and that’s part of its charm, but the GZDoom modding community is working on adding the Inter-Quake model (IQM) format to give modders access to better quality character and enemy animation.

As pointed out by GZDoom developer Nash Muhandes, creators including Shiny Metagross and dpJudas have actually finally got these IQM models working in Doom. The developers plan to add scripts for different bone manipulation functions for modders to use, including head tracking, individual limb movement, and yes, even ragdoll animation.

If this all goes to plan, the next wave of Doom mods might be built with modern-looking animation techniques on enemies and characters. It’s potentially very exciting, and we can’t wait to see things like this Ninja Gaiden-like mod make use of it.

With how impressive GZDoom creations are now, it’s already getting difficult to tell what’s made in Doom and what’s not, so this won’t help matters.

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