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Capcom have uploaded an Amaterasu courier to the Dota 2 Steam Workshop

dota 2 amaterasu courier

Normally, announcements about multi-franchise crossovers come from press releases, or heavily promoted trailers, or even a quick announcement on social media. Rarely does it happen that a major publisher uploads a mod to another game’s Steam Workshop page, but that’s exactly how Capcom are hoping to get Okami’s leading wolf into Dota 2.

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An Amaterasu courier is now up for your voting consideration on the Dota 2 Steam Workshop, courtesy of an account called ‘CAPCOM_OKAMI_HD.’ If there was any doubt that this is the real Capcom, the YouTube video showing off the courier’s animation comes straight from the publisher’s Japanese channel.

If you want Ammy to ferry your items, head over to the Workshop page and give her a vote. This item serves as promotion for the upcoming Steam release of Okami HD on December 12, which repackages the PS2 classic with high-rez visuals to make it all pretty on modern displays.

This isn’t the first time a big Japanese publisher has gotten into the business of Dota 2 add-ons, as Square Enix built a Chocobo courier as a pre-order bonus for the PC release of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD back in 2015. Your videogame-related attempts at six degrees of separation just got a lot easier.