Dota 2 International tickets go on sale next week in two batches

Dota 2 International tickets

This year’s Dota 2 International isn’t until August, but you’ll be able to get your tickets to the six-day tournament next week, from March 27th. They’ll be going on sale in two batches, in case you’ve not got Quicksilver-like reflexes. 

All tickets will cover the whole six day event in Seattle, from August 3rd through August 8th. You’ll need to shell out $99, which works out to around $16 a day.

The tickets will go on sale through Ticketmaster on Friday, March 27th in two batches. In case timezone maths freaks you out, here’s a handy guide to when you can snatch your ticket.

  • Seattle: March 27th at 10:00 and 22:00
  • Rio de Janeiro: March 27th at 14:00 and March 28th at 02:00
  • London: March 27th at 17:00 and March 28th at 05:00
  • Moscow: March 27th at 20:00 and March 28th at 08:00
  • Beijing: March 28th at 01:00 and 13:00
  • Seoul: March 28th at 02:00 and 14:00
  • Singapore: March 28th at 01:00 and 13:00
  • Sydney: March 28th at 04:00 and 16:00

Last year’s International saw double the number of people tuning in online, and even aired on ESPN2, much to the confusion of some sports fans. It also had an $11 million prize pool, which is just silly.