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Dota 2 Reborn updated, includes ranked matchmaking and bonus coins


Valve’s Dota 2 Reborn update, which ports the game to a new version of the Source engine, has received a major patch. Along with a host of bug fixes and improvements, Ranked Matchmaking is now enabled in the new client. This represents a significant milestone, in that Valve now believes Reborn is stable enough to host matches that ‘matter’ and should lead to an influx of more hardcore players in the coming weeks.

The patch also enables the earning of Compendium coins from challenges, something that had already come to the main client but was yet to be implemented here, presumably due to worries over exploits. Challenges usually involve playing certain heroes or achieving in-game objectives with time limits, aimed at diversifying and improving newer player’s talents or incentivising veterans to try something new. These coins can be traded in for various cosmetic items, with a chance at super-rare Arcanas.

For a limited time, earning these coins in Reborn will provide a 50% bonus, to get people to move on over and test. Get farming.

The patch also brings a large number of bug fixes. It’s unlikely that the new client will be used during the upcoming International 2015 tournament as Valve would probably like, but they’re certainly pushing forward to it being the only version of the game within the next few months.