Dota 2 patch fixes a slew of bugs, but adds one more

The latest Dota 2 patch is pretty thin and is dedicated to fixing a slew of irritating bugs in Valve's classic MOBA, but it seems to have added one more

Dota 2 patch fixes a slew of bugs, but adds one more: A warrior wearing a pointed gladiator helmet stands in darkness with his finger to his lips looking to the side into the camera

The December 22 Dota 2 patch is relatively slim on the ground, simply fixing some bugs in the MOBA. Fans, however, have noticed that there’s a mistake with the new Silencer set that has overshadowed the update.

While the update itself isn’t particularly noteworthy, the introduction of the second collector’s cache is much more exciting. One of the many new cosmetics it drops is an epic set for Silencer, aptly entitled ‘Grand Suppressor.’

It sees the war-mage decked out in violet and gold robes, with a lengthy silver beard sweeping down his chest. The coolest part, though, is that the inside of his shield has been transformed into a huge tome, which is open at a biography page of the character that lists his in-game description and abilities.

It’s an awesome looking set, but when you look closer things get a little less magical. Specifically, one Dota 2 player has highlighted that, when you zoom in on the text on the book, it reads ‘Silincer’ instead of ‘Silencer’ – oops.

It’s a pretty minor detail, but it is vaguely concerning that Valve can’t spell the name of one of the game’s heroes. This will likely get updated with the next patch, but until then you’re playing Silincer, not Silencer – remember that if you don’t want cursed.

A digital page in a book that reads 'silincer' and shows an icon of a face with an 'X' across its mouth

Dota 2 update: 22/12/2022

Below are the full patch notes for the December 22 Dota 2 update, courtesy of Valve:

  • Fixed Black King Bar and other instant spells being castable using shift queue when doomed after returning from being hidden (e.g. Astral Imprisonment or Disruption)
  • Fixed Techies Sticky Bomb sometimes getting stuck and never exploding if the target teleported away
  • Fixed Dark Willow projectiles not being visible when targeting runes or items while in Shadow Realm
  • Fixed Rubick unable to eject allies with Shard Upgraded Dismember if the owner of the stolen spell did not have a Shard.
  • Fixed Templar Assassin Meld Strike debuff applying to the wrong target if there was an attack already in flight
  • Fixed Dawnbreaker losing Luminosity attack buff if the attack was evaded
  • Fixed Lion Finger Of Death Scepter interaction with Meepo clones and illusions
  • Fixed Treant turning around when double-tapping Living Armor with the AoE talent
  • Fixed Witch Doctor Aghanims Scepter Ward attack bounce interaction with enemies that have invisibility but are affected by true sight
  • Fixed Bounty Hunter Shadow Walk Shard Upgrade not being castable while teleporting
  • Fixed Shadow Demon gaining an extra ability point in Demonic Purge if he buys the Shard before upgrading the ability
  • Fixed Razor Storm Surge Shard upgrade always activating from Outworld Devourer’s Arcane Orb
  • Fixed Outworld Destroyer Astral Imprisonment sometimes dealing damage to magic immune units

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