Dota Auto Chess gets a wild card with Io

Io and Dazzle headline the post season 0 patch

Season 0 of Dota Auto Chess has come to a close, and the end of the game’s inaugural season naturally means a big patch with plenty of new features. The biggest additions are two new pieces – Io and Dazzle – but there are loads of other changes and balance tweaks to round out the patch notes and bring some new fun for the rising Auto Chess player count.

Io is a new legendary unit without a class. You can get Io at any courier level – unlike other legendary units – and it isn’t drawn from a pool, meaning that you can theoretically infinite Ios. It acts as a wild card unit, so you can match it with any other pair of units to act as a third and get a levelled-up piece.

Dazzle is a bit more traditional, though he’s from the underrepresented Troll race. He’s a Priest, and his bonus will get your courier a 20% damage shield as long as it’s on the field, as Polygon notes. He’s got the Shallow Grave ability, which will provide four seconds of death prevention for an allied piece – and when Dazzle levels up, he can provide that bonus to multiple units.

The latest updates also add new loading screens and a refreshed post-game panel. You’ll see reworks for Blade Mail and Knights’ Divine Protection, too – and you can get more details on those in the official notes.

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Season 0 is done, and the next season is scheduled to start tomorrow. In the meantime, you can claim your seasonal rewards, and practice up for the next round before those games are able to contribute to your ranking.