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Dota Underlords patch brings Dragon alliance buffs and Keeper of the Light nerfs (probably)

Some of Dota Underlords' most notoriously underpowerd and overpowered units are getting their due

Dota Underlords has been getting updates at a speedy clip over the past week, and the latest promises some big buffs to the Dragon alliance. That patch has suffered a slight delay (Valve says it “turns out Keeper of the Light’s horse is more powerful than we anticipated”), but the developers have detailed some of the more notable changes coming down the pipe.

The Dragon alliance will now only require two units to activate instead of three, and will unlock an additional ability for each member – so maybe it’s just about time to adjust our Dota Underlords alliances tier list. Dragon Knight will now have Breathe Fire as a base ability, and will get Dragon Form once the alliance is activated – and the latter ability will now cast immediately when combat begins.

For the other two Dragon alliance members, Puck will now get Phase Shift and Viper will now have Corrosive Skin when the alliance activates. In proper Dota 2, Phase Shift lets Puck become temporarily hidden and invulnerable, while Viper’s Corrosive Skin damages anyone who attacks it – we’ll be waiting to see exactly how they work in Underlords, but expect similar results.

The new balance changes are scheduled to go live sometime today, and you can expect some more updates besides the buffed Dragon alliance. The Keeper of Light joke in Valve’s Tweet probably means we can expect a nerf for the unit, which has been dominating the early meta.

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