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Dota Underlords’ latest update gives your heroes their voices back

Underlords' latest update nerfs that bastard Kunkka, but also lends a voice to a whole bunch of heroes


Since releasing Dota Underlords into open beta last week, Valve has kept up an impressive update cadence. Tweaks have hit the new title almost every day this week, improving on everything from balance to overall quality of life, and last night’s update is no exception.

As well as a series of performance improvements across all platforms, last night’s noisy update confirms that a bunch of heroes re-learned their voice lines, but also says that global sounds, which allowed you to hear what was going on on other boards, are returning to the workshop for more fixes.

When it comes to balance, there are also some significant changes. Now, I’m not a big Dota player, but I do know that I hate Kunkka and his goddamn ghost boat. That’s why I’m very happy to report that he’s getting nerfed in the latest update, with the impact of his boat shrinking by one square at each of his top two ranks. It might not help me if I ever come up against him in an actual Dota game again, but it’s still satisfying.

Elsewhere, there are some significant changes to the Knights Alliance, which should help make them less tanky. That follows on from the Dragon Alliance changes earlier this week, and suggest that Valve still has some way to go before everything is working in perfect harmony.

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That said, at least people can actually play Dota Underlords. The game’s player count peaked at more than 200,000, while its biggest competitor, League of Legends’ Teamfight Tactics, boasts queue times for some servers of more than an hour – which means I haven’t even gotten to play yet.