Check out that bass: Dovetail Games Fishing announced

Dovetail Games Fishing

What’s the next evolutionary step for a developer known for its train simulators? There’s already a truck sim on the market, so maybe a cargo ship sim? Dovetail Games decided to leap instead of step, and the result is Dovetail Games Fishing. 

Using the Unreal Engine 4, former EA execs Rob O’Farrell and Chris Roberts (no, not that Chris Roberts) are at the tiller, promising “breath-taking detail” and leisurely or competitive angling. Oh yeah, and they’re aiming to expand into eSports. 

“Dovetail Games Fishing will be an evolving live service that will grow and expand in ways defined by us in partnership with fishing experts and our community,” said creative director Chris Roberts. “We believe that this combination of technology, team commitment and community involvement will enable us to create the ultimate fishing simulator, which will also allow us expand into the e-sports arena.”

it doesn’t just simulate mankind’s never-ending war against fish, that tug of war between land and water. The developer plans on simulating every aspect of the sport. There’s the preparation, choosing the right equipment for different types of fishing, and even scouting for the perfect spot to cast the line. Only then does the battle begin, and it sounds pretty involved, with a special casting mechanic and the need to find, attract, hook and land the fish. Cod you ask for more detail?

Fish are everywhere. Well, at least where it’s suitably wet. So the fishing locations are dotted all around the world, where players can do a spot of fly-fishing, bass-fishing and presumably all the other types of fishing that are sure to exist. Those are the only ones I know. Wait! Deep sea fishing! Although I have no idea if that’s in the game, but it’s definitely a type of fishing. Anyway, enough of me carping on.

Dovetail Games Fishing casts off late this year.