Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer piles on the pressure

Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer

Am I going to keep posting Dragon Age: Inquisition streams and trailers every day until it launches next month? Well, that really depends on whether or not new ones keep appearing. And wouldn’t you know – a new one did appear today. 

Take a gander at the Inquisitor being all important and heroic below. 

Shiny armour, fate of the world nonsense, stern looks and dancing dragons – what more can you ask for? If your answer is more of the actual game and less of the cut scenes, then you might want to take a look at the last two streams, particularly the latter as it’s us PC lot.

BioWare’s really been pushing the whole “it’s a PC RPG” thing recently, and while obviously there’s a lot of PR and marketing going on to appease people, it’s still reassuring. Yesterday Mike Laidlaw played an hour of Inquisition using keyboard and mouse controls and showing a bunch of the tactical combat mode.

Right, that’s your daily dose of Dragon Age: Inquisition over.

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