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Surprise Dragon Age Dreadwolf trailer reveals stunning new locations

A surprise Dragon Age: Dreadwolf trailer has dropped, giving us a look at some absolutely gorgeous and previously unexplored locations.

A sun-covered landscape from Dragon Age: Dreadwolf

Looking forward to Dragon Age: Dreadwolf? A new trailer has just dropped that gives fans a look at the game’s fantastic new landscapes. And it teases a new, non egg-headed menace.

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is the long-awaited fourth entry in the Dragon Age series RPG game series. And while BioWare hasn’t yet announced a release date, they’ve released a new trailer should give fans plenty to to mull over.

Sorry, did I say ‘mull over’? I meant ‘dissect in meticulous frame-by-frame detail.’ But if you’re a DA fan you’ll absolutely understand. It’s been nearly 10 years since Dragon Age: Inquisition arrived and while it did tie up many story threads, it left players with plenty to talk about.

So what does this new trailer, dubbed “Thedas Calls” reveal? For a start, it shines a light on some of the new locations that will feature in Dragon Age: Dreadwolf and they’re absolutely spectacular.

As confirmed by EA, Dreadwolf will see you exploring Avtiva and Rivain. These locations have been touched upon but players have never, thus far, had the chance to visit.

Granted, when you get there monsters will probably be trying to murder you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the scenery as your head sails through the air.

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Released for Dragon Age day, December 4th, the trailer also offers a few potential story tidbits. The title is a reference Solas, an elven mage who is actually an ancient elven god, known as the “Dread Wolf”. You can bet he’s not after hugs, but his motivations are still a little muddy.

Going by trailer, it seems that the Grey Wardens, an ancient order tasked with protecting the land of Thedas, are out and about. But despite his unofficial moniker, Solas may not be their target.

“All the world will soon share the peace and comfort of my reign,” says a voice at the end of the trailer. These gravelly tones sound nothing like Gareth David-Lloyd who voiced Solas in Dragon Age: Inquisition. So unless he has a new voice actor, this is a different menace. A view of a bay, with a dragon-like creature laying on the beach.

EA’s accompanying blog post features some art, commissioned specially for Dragon Age day, to whet players appetite for these new lands. And, according to EA/Bioware, this could be the biggest Dragon Age game yet.

So when can you find out more? The trailer concludes confirmation there’ll be a full Dragon Age: Dreadwolf reveal this Summer 2024. With that in mind, I’d be surprised if Dreadwolf arrived any sooner than 2025.

But for fans, it’s confirmation that Dragon Age: Dreadwolf isn’t dead and I have my fingers crossed that when it does arrive it’ll be a story worth waiting for.

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