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Dragon Age: Inquisition snaps show off Varric and Cassandra's new looks

Dragon Age: Inquisition character models

Dragon Age: Inquisition seems to be coming along rather nicely, but I’m someone who actually thoroughly enjoyed Dragon Age II despite its major missteps, so take that for what it’s worth.

Lead writer David Gaider has some pictures to show you. They aren’t of a holiday in Benidorm. He’s showing off the character models for Varric, sexiest of all dwarf men, and Cassandra, Varric's interrogator in Dragon Age II and one of the “Seekers of Truth”. Sounds like a tough gig. 

This is just one of Cassandra’s outfits, and with that big ol’ eye on the tabard it looks like it might be the uniform of these Seeker folk. “Cassandra is a long-serving member of the Seekers of Truth,” posts Gaider. “The quiet order both protects and polices the Chantry, and is granted ultimate authority in its investigations. Feared by everyone from the lowliest mage apprentice to the Templar leadership, all are subject to the righteous wrath of the Seekers. Their judgment is final.”

Varric’s looking a wee bit different, missing his lovely golden locks and his hairy chest, the absence of which is a crime. A terrible, terrible crime. I can only hope he has at least one revealing outfit. It doesn’t sound like these models are final, as Gaider states, “I am totally side-eyeing that hair color, though. We shall see if it remains.”

I’ve been attempting to replay the previous Dragon Age games in anticipation of Inquisition, and also because they are a hoot. It’s slow going, though. Did you know they are a bit long? They are. I started a new character on Origins last spring. I am now 2 hours into the expansion pack, Awakening. Good thing Inquisition isn’t out for a good long while. 

Check out all the screenshots on Gaider's blog.

Cheers, OXM


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Numbnumb avatarFraser Brown avatarSax avatarCountChocula avatar
Numbnumb Avatar
4 Years ago

Don't like them. One of the few things I did like about DAII were these two. So now they change them? One more reason I probably will not buy this game until it's on the sale table.

Fraser Brown Avatar
4 Years ago

Their appearance has changed, but that doesn't mean their personalities have. Also, Cassandra looked like a shop mannequin before. Anything's an improvement on that.

CountChocula Avatar
4 Years ago

Agreed, of course the appearance will be different. This is a different game on a new engine, intended for a different generation of console hardware and PC. The models have more polygons, more detailed artwork, but the essential characteristics are the same, and I imagine the voice actors are the same as well.

Sax Avatar
4 Years ago

I also enjoyed DA2 despite its flaws, but I still don't get why they changed the appearance of these familiar NPCs - especially Varric, the most famous party member.