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Dragon Age The Veilguard sets launch window, and it’s shockingly soon

The reveal trailer for Dragon Age The Veilguard is here, along with a planned launch window of fall 2024, courtesy of the Xbox showcase.

Dragon Age the Veilguard - A bearded man with long hair in the fantasy BioWare RPG.

After what feels like an eternity, Dragon Age: The Veilguard has finally been revealed in detail at the Microsoft and Bethesda showcase. The long-awaited next instalment in the BioWare RPG series has been quite some time in coming, recently seeing a name change from Dreadwolf, but now we finally have a look at how it’s shaping up, along with a surprisingly near launch window of fall 2024.

We’ve been eagerly anticipating the full reveal of Dragon Age: The Veilguard since its new name was unveiled earlier in the week. BioWare says the change is designed to reflect the importance of the eponymous party in the RPG, rather than focusing on the antagonistic Dread Wolf of its former title. We also get two minutes of story and character setup, which you can watch below.

YouTube Thumbnail

BioWare says, “Rally a team of seven companions, each with rich lives and deep backstories. These are characters to befriend, and even fall in love with. Among them, an assassin, a necromancer, and a detective will each bring their own expertise and unique abilities to the fight. You are never alone; decide who to take into battle and together face down demons, dragons and even ancient gods.”

Dragon Age The Veilguard is set to launch in Fall 2024 on PC and Xbox. For now, you can find out more via the official website.

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