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7 years later, a beloved survival RPG finally hits PC and Steam

Get ready to collect, build, and destroy in a magical land as Dragon Quest Builders is heading to PC after years of success on PlayStation.

Bildrick in Dragon Quest Builders

If you like cute characters, fantasy environments, and oversized hammers, have we got a treat for you! That’s because Dragon Quest Builders, the adorable RPG that’s entertained PlayStation and mobile fans for years, is now coming to PC and Steam.

Dragon Quest Builders is a sandbox action RPG combining elements of the popular Dragon Quest series with creative construction and exploration aspects of games like Minecraft. Set in Alefgard, a world where the villain has taken control and plunged it into darkness, players must rebuild the realm while battling monsters. Sounds fun, right?

Well, for years that fun has been afforded only to console gamers, or more recently, the mobile gaming crowd. But now, Dragon Quest Builders is getting the PC game treatment, as Square Enix reveal the very first game in the series is coming to Steam on Tuesday February 13.

The new edition of the game will include “upgraded crafting features” and will come with the Terra Incognita DLC pack—that mobile users first had the pleasure of playing—at no extra cost. You’ll also be able to grab a bundle that incorporates Dragon Quest Builders and its sequel in one package. And, if you already own Dragon Quest Builders 2, you can acquire its predecessor at a discounted price.

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Gamers playing the MMORPG on PC will be able to build and destroy easier than ever before, with new functions and player moves incorporated into the game. There are also plenty of collectibles, from NPC and monster figures, to a range of “useful items” and mutiplayer rewards.

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You can pre-purchase Dragon Quest Builders for $27.99 on Steam right now, or you can get the bundle package of Dragon Quest Builders and Dragon Quest Builders 2 for $69.40.

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