Square Enix confirm Dragon Quest Rivals will be coming to PC

Dragon Quest Rivals

At today’s Dragon Quest Summer Festival in Tokyo, Japan, Square Enix confirmed their card battle game Dragon Quest Rivals will also be coming to PC in addition to iOS and Android devices in Japan (thanks, Siliconera).

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Not sure what Dragon Quest Rivals is? Well, details remain light, but it’s described as a strategic card battler – so expect something like a Hearthstone / Dragon Quest hybrid, I guess. Iconic monsters and characters from the series will be available within the playable deck.

Square Enix also confirmed Huser from Dragon Quest X – plus Camus and Martina from Dragon Quest XI – will also be character cards in Dragon Quest Rivals. You can get a peek from the reveal trailer Square Enix shared a few months back – take a look above.

The mobile versions are expected some time in Q3 2017, but the PC isn’t expected until some time after that. When that’ll be, exactly, we’re not yet sure – but we’ll keep you posted.

Square Enix recently dropped Hitman and Io Interactive from its publishing catalogue, giving “extraordinary loss” as the reason why they cut ties with the developers. It’s not all bad for Io though – they recently hit thefive million players milestone on Hitman.