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Baldur’s Gate 3 meets Final Fantasy in new strategy RPG hitting Steam

Baldur’s Gate 3’s dice-based, DnD-inspired combat meets the big bosses and colorful overworld of Final Fantasy in Dragonheir, which now has a Steam launch date.

Dragonheir Silent Gods release date: A dwarf with a huge beard in RPG game Dragonheir Silent Gods

You take the dice-driven, DnD-inspired combat of Baldur’s Gate 3, where a single roll can mean the difference between death and glory, and you mix that with the gigantic boss encounters and lovingly crafted worlds of classic RPG games like Final Fantasy and Skyrim, and this is what you get. With a release date finally set, Dragonheir: Silent Gods, an open-world, strategy-based adventure with semi real-time and dice-based combat, is coming to Steam, and it feels like the combination of some of the best aspects of the greatest RPGs of the last 20 years.

From Marvel Snap publisher Nuverse, Dragonheir drops you into the magical world of Adenthia. Bright colors, chunky scenery, and an extensive mix of environments and biomes, it reminds me a little of Azteroth, or maybe the unnamed planet from Final Fantasy 8, especially considering how your team members follow behind you. You build your character based on four classes – warrior, thief, performer, and scholar – and throughout your journey, you can meet more than 200 heroes who you can recruit to your party.

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Combat is a mix of dice rolls and real-time inputs. Similarly, dice rolls can impact dialogue choices and story branches – like DnD and Baldur’s Gate 3, the outcomes of conversations and non-combat interactions are governed by rolls.

You can customize every member of your party with different skills and abilities, while bosses normally represent long-form, large-scale battles. Think of the Sanctuary Keeper or some of the Dark Aeons from Final Fantasy 10, giant monsters that need to be expertly ground down.

Developed by SGRA, the Dragonheir: Silent Gods release date is Tuesday, September 19, though you can already add it to your Steam wishlist.

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