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Dragon’s Dogma 2 A Beggar’s Tale quest guide

Solving A Beggar's Tale quest in Dragon's Dogma 2 isn't as straightforward as it claims to be. We've figured it out, so you don't have to.

How do you solve the A Beggar’s Tale quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2? This ambiguous quest will task you with simply watching the beggar in Dragon’s Dogma 2 – but please don’t do what we did and follow him for 24 in-game hours. Conversations with him and the bystander nearby who grants the quest turn up nothing, so just how do you complete this optional mission in DD2?

It’s just one of many Dragon’s Dogma 2 quests, but it can be a head-scratcher if you don’t know where to turn. To pick this quest up in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you’ll need to be near the statue in the Merchant Quarter in Vernworth, so check the Dragon’s Dogma 2 map if you’re not sure where to head first.

How to unlock A Beggar’s Tale quest

You’ll need to open your map and find the location of the Merchant Quarter. When you’ve arrived, look for the statue of the dragon being beheaded in the center. You’ll want to look for a beggar named Albert in front of the statue, regaling stories to a (very) small audience. His audience is essentially just one man, who wonders how the beggar makes his money with no donations. He asks you to watch him for a while, and this is when the quest will appear in your log.

Dragon's Dogma 2 A Beggars Tale: the location of the garb

How to complete A Beggar’s Tale quest

Logically thinking, you’d expect that following the beggar around all day to see where he goes after he’s finished his dramatics by the fountain would uncover the information. We can confirm, after staying glued to him for more than 24 in-game hours, that this just isn’t the case.

You’d be wise to follow him when he leaves the fountain. This usually happens when the sun starts to go down, so keep an eye on its position in the sky to know when that’s about to happen, as you could tick off some other objectives instead of standing around.

Initially, the beggar will head to the Slums, specifically to Walter’s Tavern. There, he’ll enjoy a drink, and converse with his mistress, Celina. Hand around at the tavern until the Beggar decides to move on for the night, whereby he will meander over to his house in the Common Quarter – to change into his Noble’s Outfit (gasp).

When the beggar has changed his clothes, he will head to the Noble Quarter to see his family (gasp). To prove the Beggar’s fraudulent activity, and complete the quest, you must steal the Beggar’s Garb from his Common Quarter residence when he is out of sight. Now it’s time to decide who to give the Beggar’s Garb to.

Dragon's Dogma 2 a beggar's tale: Hilda accepts the garb

Who do you give the Beggar’s Garb to?

You’re given the option of three different NPCs to hand the Beggar’s Garb over to. Logic would dictate that you hand it to the NPC in the square who gave you the quest, but there are multiple options. Here are the rewards and locations:

  • Give it back to the beggar – You can wait a day or two and head back to Albert’s house in the Common Quarter. He’ll be outside and will give you 5,000 gold and 900xp to keep your mouth shut so he can continue living his double life.
  • Give it to his wife – You can approach Hilda in the Noble Quarter and offer her the garb, then wait a few days before returning. On this visit, she’ll reveal that he now has a proper job and gift you three onyxes and 900xp.
  • Give it to his mistress – Head to the slums and find Celina before giving her the beggar’s garbs. Wait until the morning, and a guard will be outside his Common Quarter house. It turns out Celina has killed the beggar, and then herself. The reward for this outcome is 3,000 gold, a Noonbloom, and an unending sense of guilt.

Now that you know all of the options for completing A Beggar’s Tale, you might be wondering how you get a Dragon’s Dogma 2 house of your own – after all, Albert had several. There’s another with a perilous plight too, so brush up on where to find Rodge before his poor grandfather has a meltdown.