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Dragon’s Dogma 2 Claw Them Into Shape quest guide

Talking to the many NPCs in Dragon's Dogma 2 can often send you on an unexpected trip - here's how to complete Claw Them Into Shape.

Dragon's Dogma 2 claw them into shape: a beastren in plated armor needs your help

How do you find a motivated soldier for Beren in Dragon’s Dogma 2’s Claw Them Into Shape quest? This optional mission is found relatively early in Dragon’s Dogma 2 if you’re looking in the right places, and talking to the right NPCs.

You’ll want to have the Dragon’s Dogma 2 map open for this one, as Beren’s quest isn’t prompted and you’ll need to seek him out manually. This Dragon’s Dogma 2 Beastren has a job for you, and when you know where to look, it’s easy enough to do. You’ll be rewarded with a powerful Warrior skill, so this one’s certainly worth your time. Here’s how to complete Claw Them Into Shape.

Dragon's Dogma 2 claw them into shape quest location

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Claw Them Into Shape location

To pick up the Claw Them Into Shape quest, head to Moonglow Garden by following the road west from the Borderwatch Outpost, or north-west from Melve.

You’ll spot a small campsite near a bridge, at this point head north and you’ll find an expanse of grass to the east. You can only find Beren to collect the quest at night time, so you might need to set up camp and rest until nightfall, or you could pass the time fighting some of the nearby enemies.

When you do meet Beren, he’ll ask you for three swords, as well as a “motivated soldier” to train.

Dragon's dogma 2 claw them into shape screen showing three swords given to beren

Where to find three swords for Beren

You can head back to the Borderwatch Outpost to the east and buy three swords from the vendor to give to Beren. 

Choosing the cheapest ones is fine – Beren isn’t a stickler for quality or monetary value here, he just wants the functionality. Head back to him and hand in the three swords. If you already have them in your inventory, even better.

Dragon's dogma 2 claw them into shape - humphrey is found in vernworth

Where to get a motivated soldier for Beren

Continuing on your adventure will eventually lead you to bump into a boy called Humphrey in Vernworth, who is impressed with your work so far. He’s asking to learn from someone who’s “seen actual battle” and you can tell him about Beren.

So far, we’ve not found any other suitable motivated soldiers with the option to inform about Beren, so we’re guessing Humphrey is the intended one to complete the quest. After speaking to him, you can return to Beren to continue.

Dragon's Dogma 2 claw them into shape beren goblins

Have a bout with Beren

The final part of the quest plays out in a rather straightforward way. Beren will challenge you to a bout – and you’re not expected to kill him. You just need to knock him out of the fighting area. He’s slow, so easy to take down, and we found that using our Fighter vocation with the Shield Blast skill sent him flying out of bounds easily.

After you’ve won the fight, another soldier will appear to warn that there’s a nearby Goblin attack. Follow him out of the camp to the west. When you reach the destination there’ll be a wounded soldier, and the quest will complete. This will net you 1200xp and 4500 gold. This will immediately start the Dragon’s Dogma 2 Beren’s Final Lesson quest.

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