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Dragon’s Dogma 2 took Devil May Cry 5’s “secret sauce”, says director

Dragon's Dogma 2 borrowed a special ingredient from hack and slash game Devil May Cry 5, according to the director Hideaki Itsuno.

Dragon's Dogma 2 and Devil May Cry 5

Just as we’re finishing up our ludicrously long Baldur’s Gate 3 campaigns, Dragon’s Dogma 2 looms around the corner for PC and consoles, threatening to take up all our free time. Luckily for us, it seems like it’ll be worth the hours it eats up. What’s more, Dragon’s Dogma 2 stole a “secret sauce” from one of our favorite hack-and-slash games, according to the director.

Hideaki Itsuno is doing the rounds promoting the behemoth open-world project and recently revealed a striking detail about Dragon’s Dogma 2: the RPG game took a “secret sauce” from the hack-and-slash Devil May Cry 5. Itsuno shared that he used DMC5 as inspiration for character movement in Dragon’s Dogma 2, saying the former’s know-how was utilized “to make photorealistic characters perform unrealistic actions.”

“As more and more photorealistic images are being produced, we are trying to maintain responsiveness and avoid game-like movements. In this area, we are using the know-how cultivated in Devil May Cry 5. It is truly a secret sauce that has been passed down over the decades,” Itsuno told 4Gamer.

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The director then says that in playtesting, they “received comments from those who have actually played the game that it is an evolution of Dante’s [Devil May Cry 5’s protagonist] weapon switching.” However, “you can only equip up to four custom skills.”

Itsuno, who has been at Capcom for his entire game development career, directed DMC5 in 2019. It won a slew of awards, so it makes sense he’d want to use the knowledge he gained while making it.

The Dragon’s Dogma 2 release date is fast approaching, but you can revisit the likes of DMC5 with our list of the best action-adventure games until then if you’d like.

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