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All Dragon’s Dogma 2 Maister locations

Going from a Fighter to a Warfarer is no easy feat – especially because finding the Maisters to unlock vocations is quite the chore.

character art for dragons dogma 2 mystic spearhand sigurd

What are Maisters in Dragon’s Dogma 2? We’re pretty sure Maister is just a fancy old English way of writing Master, and that’s exactly what these vocation gatekeepers are in the game. Aside from the five vocations automatically unlocked, the other five require you to seek out a Maister located in the massive regions of Vermund and Battahl. What’s more, all vocations have a Maister that gives you powerful teaching scrolls if you complete a quest or two for them.

Do you want to know more about the vocations in Dragon’s Dogma 2? We’ve got a handy guide on Dragon’s Dogma 2 vocations that provides a bit more detail than the game itself does. Otherwise, you should definitely check out what we thought about the game as a whole in our Dragon’s Dogma 2 review.

This guide contains spoilers for the locations of every vocation’s Maister, as well as their rewards and how to complete their quest.

the player talking to dragons dogma 2 lennart fighter maister

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Fighter Maister location and rewards

You meet the Fighter vocation Maister pretty early on in the village of Melve, when you first arrive at the inn there. His name is Lennart; however, it isn’t until much later that you can receive a Maister teaching scroll from him.

dragons dogma 2 map with an orange pin showing the fighter maister location

Fighter Maister location

Lennart is found around his home in Melve. If you can’t find him, rest at the inn and search the outskirts surrounding the town.

Fighter Maister rewards

At some point, Captain Brant will inform you a dragon is once again attacking Melve. This is part of the Readvent of Calamity quest. Head there, defeat the zombie-like dragon, and speak with Lennart after. He will bequeath you the Riotous Fury Fighter-Maister teaching scroll.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Archer Maister location and rewards

The Archer Maister will give you rewards and the teaching scroll when you’ve completed the Trial of Archery. You need to get the maximum affinity with Taliesin who is an Elf in the Sacred Arbor.

Archer Maister location

You’ll first need to speak to Glyndwr, an Elf in the Vernworth merchant quarter near to the forgery. First, you’ll need to bring him a bow from the forgery, or if you have a spare in your inventory that’ll do nicely. He’ll then ask you to meet him in the Malachite Forest, which is where the Trial of Archery starts. We strongly suggest bringing a Pawn that knows Elvish along with you.

When you arrive though, you’ll find out that you need to wait before completing the quest because Glyndwr’s sister, Doireann, has fallen victim to an Ogre abduction. You’ll have to head to the Ancestral Chamber to retrieve her before you can proceed. After you’ve completed that, and its associated quest steps, wait a day and return to Taliesin in the Sacred Arbor. He’ll decide you’re worthy of the “greatest technique” he has ever mastered, and you’ve now completed the Archer Maister’s quest.

Archer Maister rewards

For completing the Trial of Archery and its associated steps, Taliesin will reward you with Hunter’s Secret. This scroll, when used, teaches you Heavenly Shot.

Heavenly Shot fires an “almighty arrow” but consumes all of your stamina. The strength of the arrow is determined by the amount of stamina you have at the time of firing.

dragons dogma 2 close up of srail the thief maister

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Thief Maister location and rewards

There are technically two Thief Maisters located in the Nameless Village, which you’ll happen upon during the main quest, though one of them named Flaude is technically a decoy. The other is Srail; however, both will reward you with Thief-Maister teaching scrolls.

dragons dogma 2 map of where to find both thief maisters

Thief Maister location

Flaude is located in the Old Noble Manor at the top of the Nameless Village. You’ll find Srail after a jumping puzzle down a hole to the northwest of the Old Noble Manor. You likely spoke to both during the Nameless Village quest.

Thief Maister rewards

Srail and Flaude reward you for visiting them with a Thief-Maister scroll each, which grants you access to the Blades of the Pyre and Formless Feint weapon skills.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Mage location and rewards

The Mage Maister is called Eini, and she’ll give you the Spellbound quest to complete before you can access the Mage Maister rewards. You’ll want to start off by opening our map above and heading towards the pin.

Mage location

The Mage Maister, Eini, is located in her home north-west of the Borderwatch Outpost. Before you can speak to her, though, you’ll need to speak to her granddaughter Trysha, in her house. Trysha’s grandparents won’t let her learn magic, but if you return the next day her grandparents will be gone, and you can find five original tomes to give to her. It’s worth collecting them all before heading over there so you don’t need to spend lots of Ferrystones to get around the giant map.

When she’s got the tomes, wait a few days before returning. You’ll find that it was definitely a mistake to help Trysha learn magic, as she’s out of control. You’ll need to stop her somehow. You might want to kill her, but try not to, we’re unsure how her grandparents will react. Instead, wait until she’s out of magic and then tackle her. Eini will ask you to come back in a few days.

When you return, Eini will reward you handsomely for your help. We’ll ignore the fact it was our fault all along.

Mage rewards

For completing the Spellbound quest, Eini will reward you with the Enchanter’s Almanac, which allows you to learn Celestial Paean.

Celestial Paean is a skill which summons a huge wave of holy light which increases allies’ rate of stamina recovery as well as their speed. It will consume all of your stamina and knock you to the ground when used.

dragons dogma 2 close up of beren the beastren warrior maister

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Warrior Maister location and rewards

The Warrior vocation is unlocked after reaching Vernworth and completing the Vocation Frustration quest. Return to Melve after unlocking it and head northwest to a little grove called Moonglow Garden. Here, you’ll meet the Warrior Maister Beren and embark on a few quests to help him out and earn his trust.

dragons dogma 2 map showing the moonglow garden location

Warrior Maister location

Northwest of Melve and east of Borderwatch Outpost you’ll find Moonglow Garden. During the day, Beren can be found at his tent. After completing quests for him here, Beren will move to Beren’s Childhood Home, which is located just past the checkpoint into Battahl.

Warrior Maister rewards

The quest to help Beren can be a bit confusing: you must bring him three swords and a soldier willing to learn. Cheap swords can be purchased in nearby Borderwatch Outpost and the young soldier Humphrey will approach you at some point in Vernworth before heading to meet Beren. Continue his quest line and he’ll move to Beren’s Childhood Home in Battahl and reward you with the Warrior-Maister teaching Arc of Might.

an image of bald sorcerer maister lennart in dragons dogma 2

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Sorcerer

Maister location and rewards

The Sorcerer vocation is unlocked after reaching Vernworth and completing the Vocation Frustration quest. The Sorcerer Maister is named Myrddin, and you won’t meet him until you reach the Checkpoint Rest Town. You will have to don noble’s clothes for him to deign to speak with you.

dragons dogma 2 map showing the location of sorcerer maisters home

Sorcerer location

You can find Myrddin in his home in the southeastern corner of Checkpoint Rest Town, which is located on the way to Battahl from Vernworth.

Sorcerer rewards

You must provide Myrddin with Sorcerer tomes. Specific rewards coming soon.

an image of an old elf woman magik archer in dragons dogma 2

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Magick Archer Maister location and rewards

The Magick Archer Maister is found in an area you’ll visit in the final acts of the game; however, you can reach her early if you travel there. Her name is Cliodhna, and to unlock the class, you must help her husband Gautstafr. He is found a little ways south of their home and requires 3 herbs to heal his bad back.

a map showing the location of magik archer maister

Magick Archer location

Cliodhna is found on the volcanic island southeast of Bakbattahl. She is on her own little island to the east of the Excavation Site where your Arisen begins the game. To get there early, you must go through Drabnir’s Grotto to the south of Bakbattahl as the bridge route is locked until later in the game.

Magick Archer rewards

Taking Gautstafr to the hot spring in the Volcanic Island Camp will cause Cliodhna to reward you with the Magik Archer-Maister teaching, which grants a powerful skill called Martyr’s Bolt.

dragons dogma 2 close up of sigurn the mystic spearhand maister

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Mystic Spearhand Maister location and rewards

This vocation’s Maister is named Sigurd and found earlier in the game than other unlockable vocations After completing the Scaly Invaders and Trouble on the Cape quests, along with possibly Readvent of the Calamity where a dragon attacks Melve, he will appear in Harve Village. Speaking to him will unlock the class; however, it isn’t later that you can obtain a new skill.

dragons dogma 2 map showing location of mystic spearhand maister

Mystic Spearhand location

At the eastern edge of Harve Village is the Coastal Hut, where Sigurd resides. If he’s not there even if you completed Scaly Invaders and Trouble on the Cape, return a few days later and check again.

Mystic Spearhand rewards

If you head southwest of Bakbattahl to Wyrmsblood Forest and reach Dragonsbreath Tower, you’ll battle the grotesque dragon from Melve with Sigurd. Defeat it and Sigurd will reward you with a Maister teaching scroll that grants the skill Wild Furie.

an image of luz the trickster as a ghost in dragons dogma 2

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Trickster Maister location and rewards

You’ll encounter the Trickster Maister as part of the main quest Flickering Shadows. She’s an old woman named Luz and a former Oracle for Vermund. For some reason, she appeared as a ghost to us.

a map marker showing the location of dragons dogma 2 trickster maister

Trickster location

Luz is found between the Checkpoint Rest Town and Bakbattal, on the Battahl side of the border-crossing. Her Reverent Shrine is down a side path brimming with goblins and other monsters to contend with. She may not be there until you start the Flickering Shadows quest which you can obtain in Bakbattahl.

Trickster rewards

We currently do not know how to obtain/if there is a Maister scroll from Luz.

the warfarer lamond sitting in dragons dogma 2

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Warfarer Maister location and rewards

The Warfarer Maister is called Lamond. When you meet him, he’ll ask you to eat a rotten egg, which will poison you, and requests you bring him newt liquor. However, you’ll need to bring him 3 newt liquors in order to unlock the Warfarer vocation. You can make them from fruit wine and a saurian tail. There’s also one located where you find Cliodhna, the Mystick Archer Maister.

a map showing where to find dragons dogma 2 warfarer maister

Warfarer location

You’ll find Lamond sitting in the hot spring area of the Volcanic Island Camp.This area is up a set of ladders in the center of the encampment.

Warfarer rewards

Lamond will give you a Warfarer-Maister teaching scroll to unlock the skill Rearmament at the same time as unlocking the vocation.

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