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Dragon’s Dogma 2 Nameless Village quest walkthrough

The Nameless Village is home to one of the most mysterious quests in the game – here’s how to solve the mystery of the village.

an image of the false arisen on a throne in dragons dogma 2

How do you complete the Nameless Village quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2? Fairly early in the main quest, you’ll learn of a suspicious individual hailing from a hidden village, far to the northeast of Vernworth. Here, you can discover the origins of one of the villains in the game – but doing so requires solving a rather obtuse puzzle that the game doesn’t go out of its way to explain. Here’s how to navigate it.

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Please note that this guide contains spoilers for all of the Nameless Village including its quest.

a map showing the location of the nameless village in dragons dogma 2

How to find Dragon’s Dogma 2 Nameless Village

Once you arrive in the city of Vernworth, Captain Brant will offer you several quests that involve the false Arisen sitting on the throne. One of these is to investigate rumors about this false ruler originating from a village to the northeast of Vernworth. Eventually, Captain Brant will offer you this quest along with several others.

Thankfully, if you prioritize this quest by opening your Quest journal, you’ll be able to see the rough area where the village lies on your map. However, once you near it, you’ll find the road has collapsed. Look once again at your map for a marker that reads Eastern Forest.

Head through the Eastern Forest after fighting a large Ogre, and you’ll find an alternate route to the Nameless Village. A Pawn with experience in this quest can also lead you through the forest.

You’ll know you’ve arrived when a merchant out front will warn you away from entering the village. If that sounds suspicious, it’s because it is.

Dragon's Dogma 2 nameless village: a theif attacks a wolf using daggers.

How to solve Dragon’s Dogma 2 Nameless Village quest

You must complete several steps to solve the Nameless Village quest that Captain Brant gives you. First, head up the path that leads through the village until a little girl asks you to follow her and flees behind a locked door. There is no way to unlock this door from the outside, instead, you’ll have to find your way around to reach the girl.

At the very top of the village you’ll find an old church-like building with a man claiming to be the Thief maister inside. He’ll award you with a rare Thief skill called Formless Feint, however, he reveals nothing about the false Arisen, leading to a dead end.

If you found a letter in the northwestmost house, you can ask the Thief maister about it, however, this does not relate to the Nameless Village quest.

You may have noticed a Beastren woman following you. Speak to her, and she’ll suggest you follow someone else like she’s followed you. Cryptic.

a jumping puzzle from dragons dogma 2

Head back to the inn located in the middle of the Nameless Village and rest until evening. Outside of the inn, you’ll find two men – one named Elkalim – and a young boy. They’ll slowly make their way up toward where you found the supposed Thief maister. As the Beastren woman suggested, follow them and they’ll lead you to a hole in the ground with a ladder going down.

Within, you’ll find two jumping puzzles to navigate. These see-saw-like contraptions require you to jump onto one end to raise the far end; try to jump to the next by landing in the middle rather than on one of the ends lest you fall. The second puzzle adds swinging bags of rocks to the mix. If you have difficulty with these see-saws, consider changing your vocation at the inn to that of a Mage so you can use the levitate ability to trivialize the challenge.

At the end, you’ll discover both the real Thief maister, the mystery behind the Nameless Village, and the origins of the false Arisen back in Vernworth. The Thief maister will also grant you another rare Thief skill called Blades of the Pyre.

Once you have wrapped the conversation with the Thief maister, exit using the door to your left, where you’ll find some Dragon’s Dogma 2 armor, and a nice pair of daggers for your trouble.

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