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Retro RPG finally hits Steam 1.0 with massive free content update

While classic fantasy RPGs like Morrowind and Baldur's Gate reign supreme, Dread Delusion 1.0 is finally here to offer something new.

Dread Delusion 1.0 Steam: a weird blue hunched over man with a red board for a face

If you miss the ’90s era of fantasy RPGs that brought us the early Elder Scrolls games, Baldur’s Gate, and Diablo, there are a lot of modern options that take cues from old-school design. I for one adore the aged yet modern low-poly visuals that continue to take over Steam, and the blood-red skies and floating islands of Dread Delusion have that in spades. Hitting 1.0 after a stint in Steam Early Access, this 92% rated RPG is well worth your time if you’re yet to play it.

Set in a world of sky islands plagued by an undead curse, Dread Delusion is an RPG with an incredibly arresting style. Sharp, polygonal designs are emboldened by bright colors in a world of quests to complete, wacky characters to meet, and equipment to collect.

There’s a whole lot of new in Dread Delusion 1.0, with the RPG now in a place where it has all the major content it needs alongside some big changes, too. The starting region has been revamped with a new tutorial, extra NPCs, and even more to do.

Two new regions have also been added to Dread Delusion: The Underlands and The Cradle. The Underlands takes you to the world’s surface underneath the floating islands and includes a new dungeon, with The Cradle, where you’ll finally face down the villainous Vela and see one of the many ending cutscenes.

There are also two new minor regions in The Godwar and Shipwreck Islands, which you can now get between on your very own airship. You can use the airship to go almost anywhere in Dread Delusion, explore new islands and lands, and weigh down your anchor to easily drop wherever your feet can find firm ground. The ship can be enhanced with upgrades too, so you’ll have an easier time getting around the floating isles.

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Dread Delusion 1.0 also comes with new main quests and side quests, more equipment, spells, items, and a plethora of bug fixes. Balance changes have also been made to combat, enemy drops, and the game’s economy in an effort to streamline your experience, turning Dread Delusion into the game Steam Early Access promised it would be.

Our Dread Delusion review sings the praises of this oftentimes niche RPG: “if you’re interested in an off-beat adventure that completely commands your attention for several nights in a row, this arcana-punk story is well worth a look.”

Dread Delusion is out now on Steam, with a 20% launch discount running until Thursday May 16, so expect to pay $15.99 / £12.39 until then. You’ll find the game on Valve’s platform here.

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