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Promising cosmic horror Elder Scrolls style RPG gets huge new update

With The Elder Scrolls 6 a distant thought, Morrowind-inspired cosmic horror RPG Dread Delusion launches its huge Clockwork Kingdom update.

Dread Delusion The Clockwork King is the cosmic horror Elder Scrolls style RPG's biggest update yet - A cannon with a human-style face and hand, its open mouth the cannon's loading bay.

The Elder Scrolls 6 might be little more than a sparkle in Todd Howard’s eye for now, but Morrowind-inspired cosmic horror RPG Dread Delusion is a much more tangible prospect. The vibrant, throwback action adventure game puts a little Bloodborne in your Skyrim, but is perhaps even more reminiscent of those early days of the beloved Bethesda series. Already available via Steam early access with a ‘very positive’ user rating of 93%, things are about to get a lot bigger and better for Dread Delusion with the launch of its “biggest update yet.”

Dread Delusion update The Clockwork Kingdom will see you travel to Ferropolis, a “bustling city lorded over by a Clockwork King.” As you’d expect from a game inspired by some of the most well-loved PC RPGs, you’ll be exploring the city and investigating the troubled lives of the locals, deciding whether to help them with their plight or leave them to their own devices.

Along with the addition of Ferropolis, The Clockwork Kingdom incorporates “multiple new questlines that’ll take you all over the new landmass,” along with plenty of new threats that will test your skills both in and out of combat. Lead developer James Wragg of Lovely Hellplace says, “it’s easily our best update yet.”

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In an extended thread thanking his fellow developers on the project, Wragg says you can expect characters that “are both thought provoking and genuinely hilarious,” alongside challenges and dungeons that “are complex, multifaceted, and with secrets hidden all over the place – it’s bursting with stuff to do.”

Among the enemies you’ll wander into on your new adventures are creepy spider-mechs and sentient cannons with faces – yes, that’s one at the top of this story and, yes, I’ll be seeing it in my head when I head to bed tonight. Don’t worry, though, it’s not all horrifying monsters; Wragg says The Clockwork Kingdom features “our most diverse cast of characters yet.”

Along with the gorgeous art and design, you can also expect more music from the returning Dan Staley, whose ominous, brooding score set the perfect tone for Dread Delusion and whose new creations promise to inspire even more magnificent unease in your soul as you explore the realm of the Clockwork King.

Dread Delusion - A clocktower rises from the midst of a city towards crimson skies.

Dread Delusion: The Clockwork Kingdom launches as a free update on Thursday January 25. It’s available as a free Steam download for all players who own the game. If you’ve yet to pick up a copy for yourself, expect to pay $19.99/£15.49 for the early access RPG.

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