Disney Dreamlight Valley bug sees Elsa re-evaluate her life choices

A Dreamlight Valley bug shows the Little Mermaid gills-deep in the ground while the Ice Queen herself looks with complete perplexion

Disney Dreamlight Valley bug sees Elsa re-evaluate her life choices: a mouse, a wizard and a woman stand with their backs to the camera, with a castle in the background

A Disney Dreamlight Valley bug shows that perhaps the seaweed isn’t always greener in somebody else’s lake, as Ariel gets caught under the sea-nery, while Elsa looks on in horror. The Little Mermaid doesn’t seem to be too bothered, though, at least not enough to stop brushing her hair. This strange bug in the life sim isn’t the only one that’s been affecting players of late, however.

Disney Dreamlight Valley was released to a warm reception, with the life sim enabling people to live out their dream of being the centre of attention in a town full of Disney big-hitters. Wake up in the morning, cook Mickey Mouse some waffles then go fishing with Goofy, while trying to avoid Scrooge McDuck’s gaze – it’s all par for the course in the valley.

The title has had its fair share of bugs since release – most notably a fire extinguisher disappearing from your inventory during a Wall-E quest, creating unsafe working conditions for all involved. This latest bug, however, shows Ariel half buried in the ground, trying to tame her sea-salt-laden hair. The player character and Elsa look on with a sense of confusion, which is remarkable in itself, considering the population of Dreamlight valley consists mostly of talking animals at this point.

A comment below the Reddit post shows some concern for the Little Mermaid’s extra-curricular activities: “Elsa is like… Ariel are you OK? Maybe lay off the seaweed for a while.” All I know is that if I had to interact with a talking Rat every day of my life, I’d probably be finding solace in the ground too.

Hahaha Elsa’s like this is new✨ from DreamlightValley

If any of this has piqued your interest (and why wouldn’t it), we have the ultimate Disney Dreamlight Valley guide to help you on your way, and if befriending critters is on your bucket list, you’ll need to know how to feed and recruit Disney Dreamlight Valley animals. Everyone’s idea of paradise is different, you know?