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Disney Dreamlight Valley Eric is the perfect ‘distracted boyfriend’

A photo of Disney Dreamlight Valley Eric and Ariel has been compared to the iconic 'distracted boyfriend' meme, which echoes his flirty nature in the life game

Disney Dreamlight Valley Eric is the perfect 'distracted boyfriend': A woman with red hair tied back in a blue bow smiles into the camera surrounded by sparkles

Disney Dreamlight Valley Eric comments have flooded the life game‘s Reddit, implying the handsome scoundrel is well aware that he’s rather attractive and, indeed, has got it going on. A fun new photo from one creative fan perfectly encapsulates his flirtatious nature by depicting him as the ‘distracted boyfriend’ from the iconic meme.

If there’s one thing us gamers love, it’s a good meme. The ‘distracted boyfriend’ meme has gone down in history as one of the best of all time, and one creative Disney Dreamlight Valley player has managed to recreate it using the in-game photo tool, with Prince Eric featuring as the titular boyfriend.

The player, who bears a similarity to the Little Mermaid herself, is seen strutting through the Valley in style, as Eric looks on in admiration. Just next to him, the supposed love of his life, Ariel, can be seen with mouth agape and a hand thrown up to the sky. A picture tells a thousand words, and this one proves Ariel has some rather serious ones for her spouse.

Recreated this classic meme today from DreamlightValley

With a slew of upvotes and comments, the wider community is absolutely obsessed with FrozenEnchantress’ fun image. “No but really, Eric is always up in my grill and effing fluting at me, I feel this meme is so legit,” writes one fan, while another comments “so accurate! I feel like it’s the same with Christoph too!”

“Great job this is perfect!” reads another response, with a final reply stating “You one-upped it! You adjusted the meme to the current time where everyone is open-minded and they are both happy to check you out.”

While I haven’t managed to unlock Eric yet in Dreamlight Valley, I’ll be certain to avoid his roving eye. All jokes aside, this image is hilarious and absolutely deserves all of the recognition it’s gotten.

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