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The best indie game of 2023 just hit one million downloads

Dredge is hands down the best indie game of 2023, and Black Salt Games confirms that the eerie fishing adventure has just cracked one million downloads.

A small tug boat drifts through red mist in front of a huge standing stone with a bizarre red carving as tentacles move in the foreground

There are a lot of things to love about Dredge. You’ve got the relaxing fishing, the absolutely gorgeous art style, and, of course, the creepy, mutated fish that have overtaken the waters surrounding Greater Marrow. Fusing relaxing elements with spine-tingling horror, Dredge is my favorite indie of 2023, and it looks like I’m not alone.

In an tweet from Wednesday, October 11, Dredge‘s developer Black Salt Games has confirmed that the fishing-based indie game has cracked one million downloads – not too shabby, huh?

Simply writing, “thanks for playing!” the graphic shows the infamous lighthouse at Greater Marrow with “1 million+ downloads” written beneath it, just waiting to be snatched out of the air and devoured by one of the ocean’s many monsters.

A white and red lighthouse standing on a craggy cliff with dark water below and a small tug boat, with 'Dredge 1 million + downloads' written across the sky in white

This will likely be a result of the team’s announcement that Dredge is getting some new DLC, aptly entitled The Pale Reach. This new chapter of the frightening, fishy fable thrusts you into a seemingly endless icy sea fraught with new fish to catch and, of course, new creatures that are hoping to assert themselves as the ocean’s top predator.

But it’s also just because Dredge is so good. Having plowed hours into it during a seemingly endless flight to Boston, I was hooked from the get-go. I remember my dad asking what I was playing because I was so engrossed, and comforting me after I had been eaten by a super-sized angry shark for the fourth or fifth time. It’s a game that’s now associated with some really happy memories, so I’m pleased to see it doing so well.

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With Dredge: The Pale Reach available from Thursday, November 16, now is the perfect time to check it out. If you’ve completed the base game already and are looking for some more creepy adventures to get you in the mood for spooky season, we have a list of all the best horror games. Alternatively, if you’d rather not splash the cash (haha, funny pun), we’ve got a rundown of the best free Steam games, too.