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Complete your Lord of the Rings PC with these stunning keycap holders

Yes, they're overly elaborate plinths on which to rest a spare keyboard keycap but they're also possibly the only thing we need in our lives right now.

Keyboard and other gaming PC accessory maker, Drop, has just unveiled a pair of utterly gorgeous Lord of the Rings keycap holders that provide you with the perfect place to store or display the company’s equally lovely LOTR keycaps.

Having previously dropped its stunning artisan Lord of the Rings keycaps, with designs including the Eye of Sauron, the One Ring, and a Rohan-themed display, Drop has now provided the ideal way to complete your best gaming keyboard accessorising.

For now, there are just two designs of the new LOTR keycap holders, with one sporting the tower of Sauron ready to have the Eye of Sauron keycap take pride of place at its top, while the other is has “a ring of Ringwraiths shrouded in blue energy”. Quite why the company has only chosen to make stands depicting the most evil aspects of the Lord of the Rings story is something we’ll leave you to speculate on.

Each holder incorporates a single Cherry MX blue switch on which to mount your chosen keycap, with the choose of switch ensuring you get a satisfying click each time you press the key – a full keyboard of blue switches is an acquired deafening taste but a single novelty one is a choice we can back.

lord of the rings keycap holders 02

Both holders also incorporate lights such that the tower of Barad-dûr emits its ominous red glow while the blue energy of the Ringwraiths is given a subtle charge-up feel. The lighting can either be set to be permanently on or activated by the keyswitch press.

Drop also makes several of keycap holders but these are by far the most elaborate yet. Surprisingly, though, they’re not overly expensive, considering the artisan keycaps themselves cost $65. The holders are just $69 if pre-order right now, though they price will rise to $99 at a later date. If you order now, you can expect deliveries to ship in May 2024.

As well as more pure stylistic accessories likes these keycaps and holders, Drop also makes excellent keyboards, such as the Drop CSTM80. Meanwhile, you can find more of our favorite keyboards in our best gaming keyboard guide.