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These Lord of the Rings keycaps are taunting my inner Gollum

Drop has already released LotR keyboards, mouse pads, and keycaps, but this latest Rohirrim three piece set is absolutely beautiful.

Lord of the Rings Rohan keycaps

If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan like me, Drop has you covered with its expansive range of officially licensed merch. On top of the already existing line of keyboards, mouse pads, and keycaps, a new Rohan range is due later this year, and these three new keycaps are set to steal the spotlight.

We reviewed the Drop CSTM80 and found it to be one of the best typing keyboards on the market. Now you can take advantage of the hot-swap nature of Drop keyboards and add these three stunning keycaps to your collection. There’s no better way to prove your love of Tolkien’s iconic world.

The Barrowfield, Deeping-Stream, and Red Day keycaps are all available to pre-order for $49 each, but this price will increase to $65 once they are officially released. An estimated shipping date of Tuesday, April 30 2024 has been set but this is subject to change.

There are six other Lord of the Rings keycaps to collect if you want a full set, those being three variants of The One Ring, and three Mordor-themed choices for the Sauron fans out there. I’m not quite sure where I would place nine artisan keycaps on a keyboard, but that’s not really the point, they’re just so… precious.

We looked at the Lord of the Rings Rohan keyboard that was revealed last week, and it’s the perfect gift for a fan of the humble Rohirrim. With eight total LotR-themed keyboards now available from Drop, covering everything from Elves and Dwarves to the Ringwraiths, I’m convinced this may be my favorite licensed collab to hit the gaming peripheral market.

Lord of the Rings The One Ring keycap

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