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Duck Game “is safe,” indie dev confirms after Steam delisting fears

Beloved indie Duck Game is “not going anywhere,” its developer says after fears of Steam delisting amid changes at publisher Adult Swim.

Beloved indie multiplayer icon Duck Game is "safe" after Steam delisting fears - A duck wearing a black jacket, green baseball cap, and large shades.

It might not be quite the size of Fortnite, CS2, or Helldivers 2, but Duck Game is nevertheless a multiplayer game with a very well-earned reputation. Boasting an ‘overwhelmingly positive’ 97% user score on Steam from almost 25,000 reviews, the indie game about ducks blasting each other with big guns has long been a fan favorite party game to play with friends. Now, after fears that it could disappear from sale amid publisher changes, solo developer Landon Podbielski confirms that Duck Game is “not going anywhere.”

The uncertainty around the future of Duck Game came following the announcement that fellow indie game Small Radios Big Televisions would be made available for free ahead of the game’s planned removal from store fronts including Steam, due to “internal business changes” at Warner Bros-owned publisher Adult Swim Games. With Duck Game also being published by ASG, Podbielski called the trepidation around that initial announcement “a particularly confusing kind of scary for those of us who haven’t gotten any notice yet.”

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“None of the amazing people who worked [with me] at ASG are to blame,” Podbielski said of the delisting fears at the time, but remarked that “without them, ASG has become a frightening corporate puppet and Duck Game has lost the delicate care of its previous keepers.” While he had previously stated that he would endeavor to ensure Duck Game’s continued availability to all who bought it, he now confirms that it will remain available as before.

“Duck Game is safe,” Podbielski writes in a post to X (Twitter). “More details soon but the email from Warner finally came. The game is being returned to Corptron along with its store pages on all platforms; it’s not going anywhere. Thank you everyone,” he concludes, adding, “Hoping everyone else [affected by this issue] got the same email.”

Message from Duck Game developer Landon Podbielski: "Duck Game is safe!! more details soon but the email from warner finally came. the game is being returned to corptron along with it's store pages on all platforms, it's not going anywhere. thank you everyone... hoping everyone else got the same email."

It’s always nice to see a happy ending. As a big fan of chaotic 2D multiplayer classics such as Soldat, Samurai Gunn, and the competitive mode in Spelunky, Duck Game has always had a special place in my heart, so I’m glad to know it’s sticking around. If you want to check it out for yourself, you can buy Duck Game on Steam – expect to pay $12.99/£9.99 for your copy, or $39.99/£29.99 for a four pack to share with your friends.

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