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Ducky releases just 666 units of hellishly good new Doom keyboard

Ducky One SF Doom Edition is a 65% RGB mechanical gaming keyboard, with the Doom Eternal cover art proudly emblazoned across its PBT keycaps.

Ducky One SF Doom Edition gaming keyboard

Gaming keyboard aficionado Ducky has just unleashed demonic Armageddon on the gaming keyboard world, with the release of a new Doom keyboard, and it looks great. The Ducky One SF Doom Edition has the cover art from Doom Eternal spread across its keycaps, and there are several other nods to the veteran first-person shooter series on its shell as well.

We’ve previously been impressed by the quality of the Ducky One lineup of keyboards, such as the Ducky One 3, and while the company doesn’t currently have a model in our guide to the best gaming keyboard, we do love the look of this new Doom clacker.

It’s truly a fully Doom-laden keyboard, sporting a red and black chassis, and the iconic game logo in red on the back, and you’ll even find a mini Doom logo on the edge of the Spacebar. Flip the keyboard over, and you’ll see that the bottom of the unit has some Doom touches, with a huge red logo, a stylish metal plate, and demonic red writing.

Ducky One SF Doom Edition back

In order to show off the Doom Eternal art in its full glory, the Ducky One SF Doom Edition has no legends on the top of its PBT keycaps, with the letters instead moving to the bottom edges of the keys. Meanwhile, the image itself has been applied all over the keycaps with the use of the same dye sublimation techniques often used to apply legends to keycaps.

The keys are also surrounded by RGB backlighting, and have hot-swappable sockets, so you can use the Doom keycaps on your choice of switches underneath. As standard, the Ducky One SF Doom Edition comes with a choice of Cherry MX Red, Blue, Brown, Silent Red, and Speed Sliver keyswitch options, giving you a wide range of choices, whether you prefer the tactile click of the Blues, the linear stroke of the Reds, or the quieter action of the Silent Reds.

Ducky One SF Doom Edition hotswap keys

Built into a small form factor chassis, the Ducky One SF Doom Edition won’t take up much space on your desk either. There’s no Numpad, but its 65% layout means you do still get cursor keys, as well as PgUp, PgDn and Ins keys. The box includes a key puller and a braided detachable USB-C cable as well.

Why wouldn’t you want to launch grenades into the mouths of cacodemons using a keyboard like this one? The Ducky One SF Doom Edition price is $149 (£229), but you’ll need to be quick if you want to pick up a Ducky One SF Doom Edition, though. Appropriately, they’re limited to just 666 units.

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