Dune Spice Wars roadmap confirms multiplayer and new faction

The spice must flow, and so must the information of the Dune Spice Wars roadmap for 2022, with multiplayer and a fifth faction coming in the next few months

The main Dune councillors will be playable according to the Dune Spice Wars roadmap for 2022

Like the movies, there’s still a lot more planned for the latest Dune strategy game, and in the latest Dune: Spice Wars roadmap for 2022 released today, developer Shiro Games reveals some of those plans – such as multiplayer, the 4X game‘s fifth major faction, and the ability for major characters to finally get in on the action.

Dune: Spice Wars released on Steam Early Access a month ago, and while it had a good reception it’s clearly a long way from being complete. Fortunately, developer Shiro Games has some big plans for the space game, and has released a new Dune: Spice Wars 2022 roadmap to detail a few big things coming soon.

This summer will see two of the biggest new features, including the much-requested multiplayer mode as “the current priority”. A fifth playable faction is also coming in the next few months to follow Atreides, Harkonnen, Fremen, and Smugglers. There are a number of other sides in the Dune series that would make interesting factions, and I’m personally calling out the Imperial House Corrino as the most likely candidate – although let’s not forget Dune 2’s House Ordos.

Spaceports, ships, and extra units will be added in the planned “Air and Sand update”, and the various faction councilors – which include major Dune characters like Chani, Rabban, and Duncan Idaho – will become commandable as special agent units.

dune spice wars roadmap

There’s more to come from both Dune: Spice Wars and the franchise itself, as the team behind Conan Exiles is working on a Dune MMO-survival game. Hopefully, we’ll hear about that sometime soon.