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Team Fortress 2 characters invade Dungeon of the Endless

Endless Legend Australium

Dungeon of the Endless is one of 4X developer Amplitude Studios “smaller” projects compared to Endless Space and the awesome Endless Legend, but the combination dungeon defender / exploration game has earned quite a reputation for itself.

Now, it’s hitting the big time: following a successful free-weekend, Dungeon of the Endless now includes four Team Fortress 2 characters that can join your party.

This update is called the “Australium Update”, in a nod to Team Fortress lore and the secret power of the Australian people.

“The Australium update picks up after a brutal gravel war, where four mercenaries from two competing companies are prospecting for the rare element Australium,” according to a press release from Amplitude. “With hard work and a little luck they’ll convert their battle-honed skills into cold hard earned cash, thanks to the extensive loads of Australium rumored to exist on Auriga.”

The Pyro, Medic, Engineer, and Heavy all join the cast of Dungeon of the Endless in this update. They also bring five new items.

  • Tower of Hats: Tarnish it not, presumptuous one.

  • Gas Mask: A highly effective defense against anything from flatuation to the most toxic nerve gas. The only drawback is that the mask’s active ingredient causes idyllic, pastoral hallucinations.

  • Dove: The only flying animal not yet eaten by the dungeon inhabitants, Archimede stays safely in the pocket of whoever is carrying it.

  • jPad: One letter better than its famous predecessor, this handheld marvel contains optimized solutions for the materials, project plans, and techniques of module construction.

  • Sandvich: Not considered edible by most sentient beings, this snack requires teeth capable of chewing gravel. On the plus side, it tastes like vodka.

The Australium update will be free to anyone who buys or has bought Dungeon of the Endless.