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Dark and Darker has a rival in new multiplayer RPG coming to Steam

As we await news of Dark and Darker coming to Steam, a new PvPvE hardcore dungeon crawler RPG promises tense multiplayer extraction action.

The potential return of Dark and Darker to Steam is still somewhat of an unknown, but a new hardcore dungeon crawler hopes to satisfy all your competitive multiplayer RPG desires, and you’ll be able to try it soon as an open alpha test joins Steam Next Fest in February. Just revealed with a gorgeous new trailer, Dungeonborne integrates the high-tension extraction format of Escape From Tarkov and Call of Duty DMZ with a gorgeous fantasy setting evoking the likes of Dungeons and Dragons or The Elder Scrolls Skyrim.

Dungeonborne is an “immersive first-person PvPvE dungeon crawler” that fits nicely alongside the Dark and Darker style of competitive multiplayer RPGs. You’ll set out into the ominous, murky depths of its dungeons either by yourself or with some (hopefully trusted) companions, seeking treasure and battling both the denizens down below and other intrepid adventurers. Then, you’ll decide when to make good your escape, hopefully before an accident, mistake, or betrayal causes you to lose it all.

Developed by Mithril Interactive using Unreal Engine 5, Dungeonborne promises “a next-gen immersive experience that offers highly tactical combat and character gameplay customization for players to tackle solo or in a group.” You’ll have the option of teaming up in groups of up to four players at once, which can help you to synergize the specialties of your chosen class with those of your friends.

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Among those classes are traditional favorites such as Rogues and Priests, with the respective stealth and support specializations you might expect from them. There are some more distinctive options at play in Dungeonborne too, however, such as the Pyromancer and Cryomancer, or the space-controlling Death Knight that can imprison its enemies in deadly traps by manipulating the battlefield itself.

You’ll be able to make smart use of the environment to get the edge on your opponents, such as attacking from high ground, lurking in the shadows, or employing traps to catch potential victims unawares and claim their valuable loot for yourself. Perhaps one of the most fun elements are Dungeonborne mimic chests – here these are not simply a naturally occurring monster, but rather something you can transform into yourself to lay the perfect ambush on an unwilling and greedy foe.

Between your runs there are options for gear crafting and enhancement, along with alchemic concoctions that allow you to craft potions to heal you and your allies, or flasks to harm and impede your enemies. There’s also an in-game auction house, allowing you to sell that great piece of loot that doesn’t fit your preferred build to another player, or grab yourself something nice to round out your own setup.

Dungeonborne - The player conjures a fire spell in their hand as various mosnters surround them in a stone room.

The Dungeonborne open alpha runs Friday February 2 to Monday February 12 as part of Steam Next Fest. For more information on that, or to wishlist it so you can keep track of its ongoing development, you can head to the Dungeonborne Steam store page. With its gorgeous reveal trailer and interesting mix of characters, I’m certainly very eager to see more of Dungeonborne for myself.

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