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New Dark and Darker rival is the most popular game at Steam Next Fest

Dark and Darker rival Dungeonborne is the biggest Steam Next Fest demo, as the team at Mithril says it's on the "right track" with the game.

Dungeonborne Steam Next Fest

Dark and Darker rival Dungeonborne was the most played Steam Next Fest demo last week, as the dungeon crawler’s developer Mithril Interactive says the recent playtest proves that the multiplayer experience is on the “right track,” and set to deliver a “unique experience” whenever it finally comes to Steam.

According to Valve, Dungeonborne was the number one game demo played during the Steam Next Fest, as the multiplayer dungeon-crawling RPG game beat out the likes of StarCraft successor Stormgate, Pacific Drive, and one of my favorite shooters of recent memory, Echo Point Nova.

According to Mithril Interactive, Dungeonborne also had a peak of 19,000 players during the demo week, alongside 68,000 Twitch viewers and a massive jump in the wishlist charts.

“This playtest has affirmed that our vision for Dungeonborne is on the right track. It’s clear we’ve created a dungeon crawler that delivers a unique experience—a game that we can all take pride in, one that stands tall on its own merits,” Mithril explains.

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Issues to be addressed going forward include balancing classes, a gear disparity, better anti-cheat, and general polish.

“So, what’s next?” Mithril continues. “Veterans from our first alpha test will know that we are a team that lives by a ‘heads-down, development-first’ approach. After a brief moment to recharge, we’ll be back on the grind, diving back into full-on development mode. Once we have substantial updates to share, you can expect a detailed roadmap and exciting new teasers.”

With the Dark and Darker Steam return now in the hands of Valve, Dungeonborne may very well be the antidote to your affliction when it finally releases. The PvPvE dungeon-crawling extraction game has a similar elevator pitch to Ironmace’s game, with all the first-person combat, class building, and PvP you could hope for.

There’s still no release window for Dungeonborne, but you can learn more about the game on Steam right now.

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