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Dark and Darker Steam return is in Valve’s hands, Ironmace says

Dark and Darker developer Ironmace says a return to Steam is in the hands of Valve, but that the team understands why it may be cautious at the moment.

dark and darker return steam: a knight in grey metal armor with a sword and shield, and a purple scarf

Dark and Darker’s Steam return appears to be in the hands of Valve, as developer Ironmace fields questions about the hopeful return to the storefront while the RPG game recently launched in early access. With a full Dark and Darker release date coming at some point down the line and the game’s Steam presence still a mystery, we’re all keen to learn what’s next for Dark and Darker.

Dark and Darker was removed from Steam earlier this year after publisher Nexon issued DaD developer Ironmace with a cease and desist letter over alleged copyright infringement, and while the game is back up in early access right now on new publisher Chaf Games’ website, it’s still missing from Steam.

This lack of a Steam presence is addressed by Ironmace developer ‘sdf’ in a recent Discord Q&A where the team is asked “will the game come back to Steam any time soon?”

“That’s our hope, but it’s for Steam to decide,” sdf writes. “But we understand and respect their decisions as we understand their concerns about the things that surround us.”

dark and darker return steam: the Discord message from Ironmace outlining the Steam situation

While the Nexon lawsuit of Ironmace was just dismissed in the United States District Court, there’s no telling if or when Dark and Darker will come to US storefronts like Steam, or if the lawsuit will be filed somewhere else. Still, though, it’s good to have access to all our favorite Dark and Darker classes again.

Ironmace was also asked about its opinion on the current state of Dark and Darker in the Q&A as well and had this to say.

“The game is still in a state where only the core part of the first-person extraction dungeon crawler is implemented. This game needs more systems and more content to keep the season healthy and worth replaying.

“However, what I am interested in at this point is to defend vulnerabilities as much as possible and build a system to defend the core as effectively as possible. It is not possible to prevent them 100%, but we are continuing to think about minimizing them in various ways. For that purpose, we will gradually introduce all existing methods.”

Ironmace fields many more questions over on the team’s Discord, but the hopeful return to Steam is undoubtedly the question we’ve all been asking.

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