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10/10 Doom-like boomer shooter is getting a free Steam remaster

A free Dusk HD update is on the way, as the '90s inspired boomer FPS is set to get an optional overhaul later this year that'll improve how the game looks.

Dusk HD update: two repeaters and a house

Dusk is getting a free overhaul later this year, as the boomer shooter from a solo developer is approaching its fifth anniversary. Inspired by the classics like Doom, Wolfenstein, and Duke Nukem, Dusk is a true classic that brings forward the genre.

Dusk, the ’90s-inspired boomer shooter FPS game from Gloomwood developer David Szymanski, is getting a free HD update later this year. This is sure to be great news for a lot of players, especially when combined with the mod support the HD upgrade will also be getting.

The “full visual remaster” of ’90s-inspired boomer shooter Dusk is coming for free, and it will remake “every enemy, every weapon, every model, and every texture,” in the game. The Dusk HD update will also launch with SDK and Steam workshop support for modders, and you’ll be able to download the assets from the workshop too, making all the HD content completely optional.

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“And yes, you will be able to use both the old and these new assets to create anything you want with the SDK and upload your own creations to the workshop as well. We can’t wait to see it,” adds the Dusk HD announcement.

The Dusk HD update doesn’t give a specific release date, but it does say that Dusk HD is coming on the fifth anniversary of the original game, for free. This means we can likely expect it on Sunday, December 10, 2023.

Dusk HD update: a look at all the assets from Dusk

With an Overwhelmingly Positive Steam rating of 97% with almost 17,000 reviews, Dusk is a shooter you don’t want to miss. In fact, back in 2018 when it was released we celebrated Dusk’s modern yet old-school design philosophies, and it’s a must-play for any fans of the genre that may have missed it.

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