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The Dwarf Fortress team really want players to prove Steam wrong

The heated dwarf tag saga continues, as Dwarf Fortress' devs have asked users to push Steam and change the way tags work on the platform.

The characters from Dwarf Fortress in the mining caves

How can one person really make a difference in this world? You might think the key to actioning change is in signing petitions, staging protests, or writing to politicians. Well, that’s all well and good, but the publishers of Dwarf Fortress want you to do something far simpler: start adding the dwarf tag to games on Steam.

Clearly, the team behind Dwarf Fortress are just as much fun as the game they have created. And what’s more, they care deeply about the strategy game they have given the world, too. That much is evident from the spirited manner in which they have been pushing Steam to adjust its tag settings.

Over the last month, Kitfox has demanded Steam adds the option for users to find titles by searching for tags related to the term dwarf. Naturally, that would massively help Dwarf Fortress reach a wider audience, but Steam has insisted fantastical keywords like dwarf, elf, and wizards are not suitable for tags.

That hasn’t deterred the crew behind the city building game, though. Quite the opposite, in fact, as they have continued to press Steam on the matter, and now have something in the way of a solution. Kitfox tweeted a message pertaining to the situation, in which it is revealed that Steam could be forced to change its approach if enough users were to attempt tagging with a term like dwarf.

A graphic with a message from the devs at Dwarf Fortress, shared on Twitter

The message, which has a playful feel to it, suggests “dwarves are cooler” than all the other mystical creatures and characters out there. They call on the “dedicated fanbase” to prove Steam wrong, and end with a rallying cry that “dwarves who stand together are slightly taller than before.” Rousing stuff!

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You can pick up Dwarf Fortress on Steam right now for $29.99, and be sure to add that dwarf tag while you’re at it, or the folks at Kitfox will not be happy. To continue feeding the construction itch, check out our list of the best RPGs, or find more games like Rimworld and Dwarf Fortress.

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