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Dying Light 2 Inhibitor locations: upgrade health and stamina

Grab as many inhibitors as you can to instantly upgrade your health and stamina, giving you a higher chance to survive in the zombie-infested world

Looking for inhibitor locations in Dying Light 2? If you want to survive in the city of Villedor, you’re going to need to upgrade your health and stamina bars right away. These upgrades drastically improve your survivability, allowing you to withstand tougher foes and spend more time swinging your weapon or climbing tall buildings. Inhibitors are the key to improving your physical stats, but they can be tricky to find if you don’t know what to look for.

Most of the inhibitors you find in Dying Light 2 are tucked away in the corners of buildings, so you’ve got to stay alert as you hunt these items down. Inhibitors are typically found in GRE Crates, but they can also appear outside these containers in rare circumstances. GRE Anomalies also drop inhibitors, but you may want to avoid these boss fights in the early game as they can be difficult.

Permanently upgrading either your health or stamina requires three inhibitors. Upgrading either of these stats also improves your immunity, giving you more time to explore without having to rely on immunity boosters. Here’s everything you need to find every inhibitor in Dying Light 2.

How to find Dying Light 2 inhibitors

Your GRE Access Key notifies you with an audible message whenever you get close to an inhibitor. There’s an indicator on the bottom left side of the HUD that reveals exactly how close you are to a GRE Crate. This indicator can be tricky to use, so we recommend using your Survivor Sense ability by pressing Q – this makes it easy to track down the inhibitors by highlighting the crates with a glowing outline.

Dying Light 2 inhibitor locations

There are 126 inhibitors in the game – use our maps to help you find some of these items in the Wharf, Garrison, and Downtown areas.

You can reveal the locations of inhibitors on the map by activating radio towers across the map. There are six radio towers in total, though one of these towers is only accessible during a story quest.

And that’s all you need to find the inhibitors in Dying Light 2. While you’re still on the hunt for items, you may want to check out our Dying Light 2 safe codes locations guide. Searching for more undead adventures like this one? Check out our list of the best zombies game on PC to get into the spooky zone.