Dying Light: Bad Blood is a standalone multiplayer expansion about alliances and betrayal

dying light bad blood beta release date

Dying Light, the parkour zombie game that nobody expected to be great but actually totally is, will be getting yet another expanded piece of content soon in the form of Dying Light: Bad Blood. This will be a standalone multiplayer expansion featuring a blend of PvP and PvE gameplay, and a free global playtest is set to begin soon.

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Bad Blood matches have you and five other players are dropped into a zone with the goal of evacuating before night comes. You have to pay for seats on the extraction helicopter with blood samples harvested from the undead, forcing you to work together with other players to collect those samples or, alternately, stabbing your fellow survivors in the back to steal their stuff.

The global playtest for Bad Blood will begin in the “first half of December,” which we’re obviously already well into. You can sign up for a key on the official site, and those codes will be distributed over the course of the next several weeks.

Dying Light: Bad Blood will have its full, standalone release sometime in 2018.

We assumed support for Dying Light would end with the release of The Following, but developers Techland have continued to support the game nearly three years after release. That even includes a series of free content updates released throughout the latter half of 2017.