Dying Light’s new free DLC adds a silencer mod for your pistols

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Update, December 12: The second free content update for Dying Light is available now, with a Gun Silencer that lets you sneak up on your undead foes.

As nearly three-year-old games go, Dying Light’s got far more life left in it than your mental image of a shambling corpse might suggest. Content Drop #2 (actually the third free update, because they decided to start with #0) is out now. The appropriately named “Gun Silencer” add-on gives you a stealthy new way to take out zombies.

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Following the update, your quartermaster will give you the blueprints for the makeshift silencer, which can be attached to either the American or German 9mm pistols. The silencer will never break, but it does require special subsonic ammo typically found in abandoned police vans. With Dying Light’s undead following the post-Walking Dead zombie rule of intense attraction to noise, the benefits of a silent weapon should be obvious.

Producer Tymon Smektała says the silencer came up as the result of community feedback, and the team will be looking to fans for further content drops in the future.

In addition to all the free content, there’s set to be a new standalone multiplayer expansion called Dying Light: Bad Blood, which features some vague battle royale stylings but with a far more intimate player count.

Update, October 16:The second of Dying Light’s free DLC packs is out now with a host of new weapons.

Dying Light’s free content updates continue apace with the release of the second package, Content Drop #1. See, the actual first one was #0 and, well, you get the idea.

“Lethal Inventions” will net you an array of wild new weapons, including the rune-infused Fenris Axe which offers limb-cutting combos, the Kuai Dagger which gives you speed boosts for parkouring, and the Last Wish Revolver which gets an explosive sixth round if you land five headshots. You’ll need to complete new in-game bounties to collect the fresh weapons.

There’s also Ye Old Trusty wrench, which appears to knock zombie heads clean off and is exclusive to Techland’s Gemly distribution service. Though don’t worry if you’ve already got too many game clients to keep track of, as they distribute Steam keys.

Lethal Inventions is available now across all platforms.

As great as Dying Light turned out to be, I don’t think anyone expected it would still be getting new content nearly three years after its original release. With eight more content drops yet to come, the light won’t be dying out anytime soon.

Update July 26, 2017:Techland have released the first free content drop for Dying Light, titled Reinforcements. The DLC adds new enemies to the campaign.

Across the second location in the game, Old Town, there are now heavy-armed militia guarding the rooftops. If you take them out, you can get hold of advanced weaponry and also cobble together a brand-new outfit.

On top of the well-trained and well-armed militia, it also adds a new zombie mutation – it’s your mate, the Mutated Goon. This good-looking fella will splatter your head with a lump of concrete.

Have a watch in the trailer:

Update July 24, 2017:Dying Light’s free DLC drops have been further detailed with a new video.

It was announced last month that Dying Light would be getting 12 months of free DLC over the next year. Developers Techland teasedthe first bit of DLCin this series, which will add new enemies, back then too. But now they have released a new video which has a few more details.

Over the next 12 months, there will be ten DLC packs released for free. In those, there will be new enemies, new events, and new mysteries. The exact sizes of each pack isn’t confirmed, although the first bit of content is Content Drop #0, the one that was previously teased.

It seems like everything else coming in these DLC packs isn’t set in stone, as game producer Tymon Smektala says the team want to hear new ideas. If you’ve got something in mind that you might want in the game, perhaps the team will add it in one of these DLC packs.

Given the timeframe of ten DLC packs in 12 months, we can probably expect that first Content Drop in the next couple of weeks, but nothing is confirmed.

Update June 15, 2017:Techland have now officially previewed their DLC plans for the next year, with the trailer above for Content Drop #0 as they call it.

As we mentioned during the week, the first DLC will focus on adding new enemies, while future DLC will include “new locations, story-driven quests, gameplay mechanics, weapons, enemies, and more.”

It will all be free, and will come alongside “gameplay improvements and balance tweaks” and community events. They’re planning to do four of these per quarter and are launching a “dedicated community platform” for fans to influence the content that’s on the way. In essence, it sounds like Amplitude’s Game2Gether platform, but for zombie-killing add-ons rather than deep strategy games.

“As we firmly believe in active collaboration between the design team and players,” Techland CEO Paweł Marchewka says,”we hope this announcement will encourage our fans to share their thoughts, stories, and ideas about how we can improve their experience even more.”

It’s a good time to be a Dying Light fan. There’s a lot of them too – half a million people still play the game every week, according to Techland’s figures. What could this year of free content possibly be building to, hmm?

Original story June 14, 2017:At an event during E3 2017, Techland have announced that Dying Light will be getting ten new pieces of free DLC in the next 12 months. Some will even include extra story content, and the first will be “available soon” adding new enemies to fight against.

To know what to expect, it’s probably worth taking a look at The Following, the Dying Light expansion that came out more than a year ago. In that, Techland shifted the focus from parkour to vehicular action, plonking a dune buggy down in its open-world. Running the undead over proved popular, so it’s likely the developers are looking to expand their roster of vehicles in upcoming DLC.

The Following also added a new cult-addled area to the game, so expect extra segments of map to come out of this plan. You’ll have more info when we do.