Dying Light developer tools are on their way, starting with a closed beta

Dying Light mod tools closed beta

Dying Light got off to a rough start when it came to mods, with an early patch breaking the community’s first efforts. But after that slip up, Techland got back up and promised extensive modding tools. The studio also asked players for mod ideas, “no matter how crazy”.

Those modding tools are coming “soon”, even sooner for those that get into the beta.

On Steamtoday, Techland announced that developer tools for modders were almost finished, but that first there would be a closed beta. Testers will be able to play around with the tools and, Techland says, influence their development.

If you want to participate in the beta, drop Techland an email at [email protected] and make sure to include your Steam login.

I thoroughly enjoyed slaughters thousands of zombies with homemade weapons when I reviewed Dying Light back in January, despite characters that were dull as dishwater and frustrating stamina and weapon durability mechanics. The latter two problems seem like things that could be tweaked with a mod, leaving me only with rubbish writing to moan about.

I can live with that.